Thursday, March 31, 2011

Royal Prophecy

Could the Prince of the Asturias be the restorer of Christendom? It sounds incredible but the idea has been put forward by some, based on a compilation of historical prophecies which draw enough parallels to modern times to tantalize the imagination. Some of these prophets have been monarchs, some saints and some, well, (let’s get this over with) one is Nostradamus, who I’ve never had much use for with so many of his “predictions” being so vague as to present a multitude of possible interpretations. However, to get him out of the way he will be addressed first. Nostradamus, IV 5, *seems* to predict a reunification of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches and clearly predicts that France and Spain will be united together after which will be a period of terrible struggle and warfare. The Orthodox prophet, St Methodius of Olympia, in a similar vein, predicts that ‘the west’ and Rome will be overrun by Islam but will be rescued by another power (which many presume to be Russia) after which time the Catholic Church will merge with the Orthodox. There will be a horrific war in which a King Philippe VI, with divine assistance, will drive the Muslims out of Europe, retake Constantinople and reign from there in a revived Roman (or more Byzantine) Empire.

The Russian St Seraphim of Sarov (whose canonization was pressed for by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra) also prophesied that the throne of France would be restored and that the Hapsburgs would be restored to Austria (though in the lifetime of the saint the Hapsburgs had yet to be removed) after a terrible war. St Bridget of Sweden also prophesied about a great western monarch who will rise up to deliver the Christian world. So, how is it that the Prince of the Asturias is singled out as this potential monarch who will lead a war against Islam in Europe and be crowned Emperor in the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople? The prophecy of St Bridget spoke of the great king being of Spanish origin and the prophecy of St Methodius speaks of him ‘leaning against two pillars’ which is taken by some to be a reference to the pillars of Hercules. He also speaks of him having a white beard which I find particularly amusing considering that the only two Catholic royals named Philip today (Felipe of Spain and Philippe of Belgium) recently started wearing beards. Hmmm… Some have also pointed to the reputation of Prince Felipe of conservative religious devotion (which is not something you hear often about the prince, but it has been said) though of course this would be Catholic devotion and might not easily lend itself to someone expected to embrace Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

However, similar prophecies have also long existed in the Roman half of the Church as well. St Augustine of Hippo predicted the rise of a great Catholic monarch toward the end of the “sixth age” of the world. St Remigius, who baptized the first Christian King of the Franks (Clovis I) also predicted that the royal house of France would one day produce a great monarch who would restore the Roman Empire before the end of the world. As I am sure everyone knows the current Spanish Royal Family is the House of Bourbon, imported from France and descended from King Louis XIV. A number of other Catholic saints also made similar prophecies, involving the restoration of the Kingdom of France, a great struggle, religious reunification (though in western versions the Orthodox join with the Catholics rather than the other way around of course) and a revival of the Christian Roman Empire with a period of peace and plenty to follow.

Adherents of the theory that Prince Felipe will be the prophesied “King Philippe VI” also point to the prophecy of Brother John of the Cleft Rock (XIV Century) that the great monarch, with the aid of St Michael the Archangel, will drive the Muslims out of Europe (most of these prophecies assume a Europe dominated by Islam) who will then rule from Constantinople. The XVII Century figure David Poreaus claimed that, “The Great Monarch will be of French descent, large forehead, large dark eyes, light brown wavy hair, and an eagle nose. He will crush the enemies of the Pope and will conquer the East”. To back up the idea that “King Philippe VI” should be looked for now there are also a number of sources. St Augustine, again, placed this as happening in the “sixth age” which, according to some interpretations, is what we are living in now. Also, Emperor Leo VI of the East Roman (or Byzantine) Empire predicted that Byzantium would be liberated and restored to her former glory in twenty years less than six centuries, which, if we date from 1453 (the fall of Constantinople) would be about the year 2033. It is not 2012 but still not a very distant future. Some also figure into this the (more widely held) belief that the XX Century was the period foretold by many prophets as the time when the Devil would have free reign to do his worst. Figuring that into the equation would put this war for the restoration of Christendom at around 2034 to 2037.

Of course, by that time, Prince Felipe would be 66, a little beyond the realm of what we consider middle age, so if he is going to save Christendom and restore the Roman Empire, he had better get cracking! St Remy foretold that the great and pious king, from the Frankish line, would occupy Jerusalem as well as restoring the Roman Empire. St Isidore of Seville also predicted that in the last days a very pious king would rule over ‘greater Spain’ and that he will reign through a woman whose name begins with the letter “Y” and ends with the letter “L” which some have taken to be Ysabel or Queen Isabella II by whose line the current Spanish Royal Family came to the throne. However, his prophecy also holds problems for the adherents of Felipe as he says the king will come from the east, will reign from his youth (which the Prince is pretty well beyond) and that he will purify Spain. Obviously there would have to be some major and immediate changes in the laws and popular will of Spain for the prince to even be in the position to do that.

Such is one reason why with every passing year the handful who put their faith in Prince Felipe as the one foretold by these prophets becomes fewer and fewer. Most prophecies also included a royal son and heir which Felipe is conspicuously lacking (and like most of Europe Spain has come to consider male-preference succession terribly unfair these days) and so, in the end, most such talk is laughed off. I have heard plenty of such predictions even more far out than that (such as the Prince of Wales being the anti-Christ or Prince Harry being the Great Monarch because some Irish prophets said he would have red hair). Many of these prophecies (from Catholic sources) also involve the rise of an especially blessed and pious pope who will spread Christianity throughout the world and, especially lately, such prophecies concerning the popes have proven to be rather inaccurate. So, as with any such thing, it will be up to each individual to decide how much weight these prophecies hold and when or to who they may apply. I admit, for myself, it seems too fantastic to believe. There is the great change in public opinion that would have to take place and even if the French public decided to restore their monarchy I would, sadly, find it even harder to believe that the feuding monarchist camps could come together in support of one candidate. Nonetheless, it is something to think about and there are elements of many of these prophecies that have already come true and while I might not take them to the bank, I admit that they do have a way of sticking with you.

This is not the first time, of course, that these prophecies have tantalized the mind. Previously we mentioned the legend concerning the last Eastern Roman Emperor, Constantine XI, that he would return to lead his people to glory in a time of crisis. This was on the minds of many when King George I of the Hellenes named his son and heir Constantine. When he became king in 1913 some Greeks hailed him as “Constantine XII”. His leadership in the many conflicts in the Balkans at that time caused some to hope that it would be King Constantine who would restore Constantinople to Greek rule and fulfill the prophecy, however, these hopes were dashed by the failure of the 1922 Greek invasion of Turkey. The King was obliged to abdicate a short time later. In the west, Prince Harry appears again, as a story circulated that the Dauphin, King Louis XVII of France, escaped the revolutionaries and was hidden away by the Oldenburg family and that the current British royals descend from him. Some prophecies (in the Catholic tradition) give the name of the Great Monarch as Henry or Charles and so, again, some have pointed to Prince Henry as the one who will lead the Christian-monarchist restoration. Again, and we love Prince Harry, he would seemingly have to go through quite a personal and religious conversion for that to happen.

Not to be left out, some (using non-religious sources like {ugh} Nostradamus) have speculated that Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark will be the one while others, I am not kidding, have asserted it will be former French President Jacques Chirac (wish I was making that one up). Nor are such predictions limited to the Christian world. In recent years there has been at least some serious talk given to the revival of the Davidic monarchy of ancient Israel. There is a group in Israel today studying and planning for the rebuilding of the Temple, the reinstatement of sacrificial worship and in general a revival of the ancient United Kingdom of Israel. I am sure I do not have to tell most here that the restoration of the Temple also has an extremely significant place in Christian prophecy -involving the end of the world. Also, I cannot help but mention that, in the Far East, certain Buddhists of Tibet and Mongolia have long had a similar prophecy about the appearance of the “White King” of Shambhala who will lead a massive holy war against the enemies of dharma, restoring divine balance and putting the world back in order according to Buddhist beliefs. A number of people have been speculated as possibly being this expected savior including lamas and even Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and the mascot of this blog the Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg.

I also find it interesting that some such prophecies from such divergent groups as ancient pagans, Greek Christians and Tibetan Buddhists overlap. For instance, one prophecy that was melded in with the stories of the Great Monarch or the Marble Emperor has some similarities with the Shambhala prophecy. In this story Alexander the Great took his most fearsome enemies, subdued them, and sealed them in some lost northern mountains behind a mystical gate. At the appropriate time, in some prophecies when the Islamic forces had overrun Europe (again, this is an Eastern Christian prophecy) this gate would be opened and these northern super-warriors would then be the vanguard in the struggle that would destroy the enemies of Christendom and restore the Roman Empire. In any event, make of these predictions what you will, I present them simply as matters of interest with just one last word: when it comes to such prophecies, as they say, sooner or later one of them will one day be proven correct. Are the various lines coming together? Are we building toward something even now? I leave it to the individual to decide.


  1. Fascinating. The similarities across religious traditions might well be capable of being explained in terms of archetypes. I wonder what the good Herr Doktor Jung had to say on the subject?

    An alternative explanation is that they all contain more than just a grain of truth, and that we should be on the alert.

  2. Interesting. Much of this is new to me. I have read about the Great Monarch but never heard the prophecy being pinned on Felipe. I usually go by prophecies of saints rather than Nostradamus although in his defense, Nostradamus was a devout Franciscan tertiary. I know he used astrology in his prophecies but in those days astrology was seen as a science rather than a purely occult venture as it is today. Also, Nostradamus' prophecies about the French Royal family during the Revolution were hauntingly true.

    One wonders how any of the old prophecies concerning the Great Monarch could EVER be fulfilled in our time. MUCH would have to change but then all things are possible with God.

    Another GREAT post! Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks! I don't like have to resort to Nostradamus but some things do jump out and grab you. And I've had the "astrology talk" before as well. Every royal court had an astrologer back then, even the Pope had one! That is not meant to give credence to astrology but just one reason why I take scientific experts with a grain of salt. Once upon a time astrology was considered "good science" too!

  4. I never belevied any kind of prophecy i consider it a son of the supertition, even it would be wonderful a restoration of the borbouns in france and the hasburgs in austria, hungary, etc.

    In many of the prophecies that you quote an restoration of the Roman Empire is predicted (the nearest to being restored the Byzantine Empire was the grear war) but we cannot forgot that in medieval times an restoration of the Empire was the ultimate goal of many monarchs, like charlemagne and justinian the great.

    Also there is an great problem with all the prophecies that god granted the humans the right to change the fate of all, so if we say that any prophecy is true we denie or our right to decide the fate of the mankind.

    Hi from Argentina.

  5. I am bit uneasy about Orthodox prophecies saying the Church will reunite with Orthodoxy, but then I imagine the Orthodox are a bit uneasy about the opposite happening as well!
    Ah, if only these prophecies were to come true. And an overhaul could be achieved. Likely it would be preceded by some terrible apocalyptic event, or a growing tension in Europe.

    Although I must say that the Prophecy that worries me the most is the Prophecy of the Popes.

    Also, Jacques Chirac? I wonder what kind of argument you could make for that?

  6. Further reading on the topic? Sir.

  7. Anything religious can and has been called superstition. The (first) coming of Christ had been prophecied centuries in advance and the New Testament contains many prophecies as well as a command to be watchful of them. As for free will, there is no conflict there. The fact that God knows what decisions will be taken does not mean that he forces us to make them. I would give these a second look if for no other reason than the simple demographics which are trending toward a Muslim-majority Europe which almost every one of these takes for granted.

  8. Whereas most modern Protestants do not believe in New Testament Era prophecy (they explain the spiritual "Gift of Prophecy" as any speaking of God's Word, and so say it is just evangelism, not predicting the future), I have always felt it is still a gift God gives to some, just not nearly as common since there is no more need to predict the coming Messiah. How many of these prophecies you mention are true, I know not. I have never even heard of the Great Monarch before. But I like it. I like it alot. And I would certainly be very happy if God were to bring us the Great Monarch in my lifetime.

    And although I am not Spanish at all in descent, nor can I speak more than the most basic of Spanish, I would nevertheless follow the Prince of the Asturias with all my heart and being if he turns out to be the Great Monarch. And if it is not him, then which ever royal it turns out to be, shall likewise have my full support and loyalty.

    At the very least, this gives me something new to pray for. Thank you once again for a very, very excellent post, my friend! God bless you!

  9. Sometimes I wonder if our Argentine Friends thoughts aren’t close to True. That we have so Idolised Rome (Both East and West) and for so log put its restoration as a goal, that predicting this became a sort of cottage industry. Still, some of these Prophecies seem to be uncanny, esp. regarding the Hapsburgs, no yet deposed, being restored.

    All I can do is hope that some part of them is True.

    Given the Islamic rise in Europe now, perhaps now is the time?

    Though Islam entered in peace this time, perhaps it will be beaten in peace by mere Conversion.

    That I think would be best.

  10. MadMonarchist - your absolutely right there. There is growing unease in Europe, and many are considering civil war as a fait accompli with present levels of Muslim immigration.

    I'd go into more detail, but it's late, I'm tired, and I want to go to bed. I'll look into a full post on the matter though, and I'll post the link here when I'm done.

    Suffice it to say, however, that we live in interesting times.

  11. Excuseme, i want to leave clear that in don't say that all the prophecies are false many are false, but the prophecies said by god to the prophets about christ, are true.

    I said that is superstition to believe in all the prophecies, because god didn't sent any prophet since the death and resurrection of christ, jesus said be" aware of the false prophets".

    Hi from Argentina.

  12. It would so amazing for a giant monarchist revival.

  13. Prophecies are the last roar echoed by the destitute, those who realized that all have gone and they are facing the inevitable death.
    St. John of Patmos witnessed the torments the early Christian suffered from the hand of the Roman, clearly understood that they alone would never able to win against such a “demon”, his last hope that one day soon Christ will “avenge” them; thus the book of revelation was born.
    The prophecy of the great Catholic Monarch gained prominent during the French revolution that destroyed the Monarchy and subsequently the Holy Roman Empire.
    Sabdapalon (the last Majapahit’s PM) prophesied that islam would be eradicated from java 500 years after the fall of Majapahit.
    Maid of Lorraine prophecies during the occupation of France by the English in the 15th century. (Joan of Arc was believed to be the fulfillment of these prophecies)

    Some other prophecies represent our deepest fear, the uncertainty of the future. The Chakri family curse and the Shah family curse (one might say that this one is a self-fulfilling prophecy) are just some of the example of this kind of prophecy.

    Occasionally, these prophecies can motivate future generations in such a way so they become the agents of change and fulfill the prophecy, but in other times, these prophecies will be nothing more than historical curiosity.
    If the current “social tenet” continues without any “divine” intervention, then I have my own “prophecy”:

    Lament of The Faithful

    Faithful crowns melted; pious cloths shredded
    Seven demons behind the mask of God
    Last of the innocents, stained
    Bottomless darkness … we’ll be?

  14. And Ignatius takes the coveted Gloomy Gus Award for today

  15. Ignatius, while I believe in God, I too often wonder if some Prophecies are self fulfilled by those who believing them, but at the same time, regardless of whether or not Prophecy is Truly a possibility, one thing I cannot forget from my study of History if how current Social trends never remain Current. Nearly every prediction about what the world will be like 50 to 100 years from now made by experts based on current social trends fails. EG, H.G. Wells envisioned the 20th Century to be the Era of progress, in which the Human race abandoned God for good, and embraced Science. He believed in the Conflict Thesis ( I don’t, but we’re discussing Wells) and assumed that Religion would die off. While one can say he was somewhat right about Europe, its still not fully True. But more importantly, Wells saw a sort of Superman like Neitche replacing the world of today, all based on Eugenics. Selective breeding and the sterilisation of the undesirables would be considered normal, and even healthy. Blacks, being inherently inferior to Whites, would be mercifully sterilised and allowed to die out. After this time, we would have a Scientific Utopia based on Socialist ideals that reaches for the Stars. Today, Wells’s views would be seen as Racist and Naive.

    Marx was not really a Racist, bur he predicted that, given the current trends the Americans, so keen on Liberty and basing their whole culture on the ideals of Equality, would be the First to embrace Communism and lead the world into the Bright Future he foresaw. It didn’t happen. Instead the Russians first picked up the Revolutionary mantle and America became entrenched in Capitalism.

    Experts once thought that the Soviet Union and the general communist Revolutions of the 20th Century were simply the next logical step in Humanity. That society would simply embrace Communism over time and it was the wave of the Future. The Soviet Union would last 1000 years. It died after less than a century.

    And my favourite example comes form this. Christianity had all but died in the Soviet Union, and would stay dead. The great Cathedral of Christ the Saviour had been torn down, never to rise again. Yet today, it has been rebuilt, and one can visit it in Moscow.

    It should also be noted that few really put a lot of stock in Republicanism or he Ideas of John Locke in 1760, and no one imagined the British Colonies in America breaking off. Practically everyone was a Monarchist, an Loyal to their respective King. This just wouldn’t change.

    We all know it did.

    Today’s Secularism and love of Democracy is growing, and its been predicted that “religion” ( though I maintain the Secularism itself is a new religion, not the lack of it) will die, replaced by a totally godless society (Religion is not all about God but I digress). The last Monarchies will all become Constitutional, and eventually powerless and ceremonial, and finally, when the Nations mature enough, be set aside with the full embrace of Equality and Democracy.

    Today the Humanism that animates the Secularist principles has taken deep root in the minds of this generation, and shows no signs of abating. It is unimaginable that the world will go back to God, especially Europe, just as its unimaginable that they will restore Monarchy and abandon Democracy, and the Socialism that Europeans now are so accustomed to.

    But it was Unimaginable that people would abandon Monarchy and begin to favour Republicanism in the 18th century, yet Both America and France did just his, and the Change was Sudden, almost out of no where. It was Unimaginable that Germany, broken after The Great War, would rise to prominence and begin to conquer Europe in less than 25 years, and certainly not thinkable that it would embrace great Evil on a grand Scale. Hitler did the Unimaginable. It was Unimaginable that the Soviet Union would fall in 1985, but fall it did.

  16. Furthermore, even though we are told that Religion, namely Christianity, has always been strong, and had an iron Grip on the hearts and Minds of the masses till the Enlightenment began to weaken its frop, and gradually, as Science and Reason began to challenge it, Religion was schiped away and eroded, and now is weak , and dying, the narrative is wrong. Christianity has been Near Extinction many times in its long existence, and always made a comeback.

    It may surprise people to learn that in America, Christianity was nearly totally destroyed in the early o mid 18th Century. Most people were not Churched. People didn’t attend. Out of wedlock Birth-rates were much, much higher than had been in the colonies ever. People simply didn’t believe in God any more, and everyone knew the dwindling Churches would soon succumb.

    Then, Jonathan Edwards preached a Sermon, “Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God”, and all of the sudden a massive wave of Conversion and Zeal emerged, that swept two continents by its end.

    All of which unexpectedly.

    There is an old Hymn, called “Hold To Gods Unchanging Hand“, and it starts with the line “Time is filled with Swift transition, naught of Earth unmoved shall stand, build your Hopes on thing Eternal, hold to God’s unchanging Hand.” I find that there is much Truth to this Hymn, in that most of the things people anticipate in History based upon present trends fail to materialise, and instead of moving forward at an even pace towards a fixed and linear goal on a straight rail like a train, we end up meandering and suddenly altering course, which takes our expectations and tosses them aside. Often he Unimaginable becomes the Reality.

    It is said, those who marry the Spirit of the Age are soon Widowed, and I feel that this age, no matter how bleak or how many times we hear of what the Trends Are, is simply not permanent. Naught of Earth unmoved shall stand, and time is indeed filled with Swift transitions.

    I doubt forever will this be our world, and one day, this too shall pass.

  17. I suppose all that can be added now is, "Amen".

    Meaning, of course, "So be it."

  18. The prophecies of the Great Monarch cannot concern Philippe VI of Spain -- he has blue eyes, not dark ones, and he does not hail from the East, but from the West. His son, if born in the East, in Contantinople, may be the Great Monarch. As Orthodox I believe in the prophecies of the Orthodox Saints (Methodius of Olympus/Pataras, Remigius of Rheims, Augustin of Hyppo, Seraphim of Sarov), take note of those of the Catholic saints not yet recognized as saints by the Orthodox Church (until possibly after the reunification of the two Churches), and disregard those of Nostradamus as possibly inspired by the devil (he used divination methods). The next King of Spain (and possibly also of France) Felipe VI of Spain (Philippe VII of France) may very well be the liberator of Constantinople, may or may not be crowned as Roman emperor by God's angels in Hagia Sophia cathedral (only God knows who the white bearded man sitting between two pillars prophesized by St Methodius is), but he will surely not be the Great Monarch who dies in Jerusalem. From St Methodius' prophecy it is clear that the heir of the first Roman emperor in the newly liberated Contantinople will be the Great Monarch: "And he will reign 15 years [the first Emperor -- my note]. And after his death another one will rule 11 years. And he will die before his time by going to Jerusalem where God's Kingdom is." Only the first emperor's heirs will be born in the East so only one of the subsequent emperors can be the Great Monarch, not the first emperor. One can read the whole prophecy of St Methodius here:

    Also, the next King of Spain is a devout man so he certainly stands good chances of being the liberator of Contantinople and possibly also God's annointed first Roman emperor. For more on this, please, see Felipe's photos posted here:

    God bless!

  19. What are the chances that not just the two possible prophetic crown princes Philip (of Spain and of Belgium) have grown beards, but that 4 more have done the same? Guillaume of Luxembourg (also a Bourbon), Christian of Denmark, Peter of Serbia, and, of course, Haakon of Norway, have all grown beards. When I read again St Methodius' prophecy about the first emperor in Constantinople chosen by God -- a meek man with white beard, whose name is not given, meaning he could be anybody, not just Philip VI -- I realize that the chances of this beard growing epidemics amongst the European crown princes cannot be random.

    God bless!

  20. Correction: in my last message, I meant crown prince Frederik of Denmark, not his son Christian. Sorry for the error!

  21. Prince Felipe does not want to be Emperor of Europe anymore: he shaved his beard :)

  22. Nostradamus wrote

    20 years of the reign of the moon passed.
    Seven thousand years another will hold its monarchy.
    When the sun will take its tired days.
    Then is accomplished and finished my prophecy.

    20 is the number judgement and the last days began in 1975 when Arafat decimated Lebanon.

    The Buddhists know that it is a woman from the West.

    Loving kindness.

    Nostradamus knew that she would be born in England and would have the moon under her feet. His accuracy about her life is quite incredible. He was a remarkable man and healer.

    The children of Princess Diana would be more than welcome to come and live with us new jerusalem if they wished to do so. Their experience would certainly benefit the rescue team.

    Concern yourself not about religion, it will be finished by 2025-2026.

    People are returning to the true way and the ancient Tibetans predicted that our sacred planet will become the healing planet for the cosmos.

    Messiah Joseph is here and she was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles exactly as prophet Isaiah predicted that she would be.

    Love beyond measure to you all.


  23. As an Eastern Orthodox fascinated by prophecies, Orthodox and Catholic alike, I am struck by this coincidence: St. Methodius of Patara (Olympus), who prophesized the coming of "Philip de Great" ("Philip the Sixth" according to other versions) from the West leading the armies of 18 nations in Constantinople, is celebrated in the Orthodox calendar on June 20. However, since the Liturgical day in Orthodoxy starts the evening before, at sunset, St. Methodius of Patara (Olympus) was celebrated throughout the Orthodox churches at the Vespers of June 19, 2014, the same day King Philip VI, the likely subject of his prophecies ("Philip the Great"/"Philp the Sixth"), came to the throne. For more on St. Methodius' prophecies: and
    May God bless!

  24. Hello.

    No, the promised Great Monarch of prophecy is not Philippe.

    If you are interested in end-time prophecies, apparently the approved Catholic mystic and stigmatist Marie-Julie Jahenny revealed who the Great Monarch is (and will be). However, the time of his appearance is still veiled. His arrival will be completely miraculous, no man or government will be able to restore the Great Monarch's throne, only Christ Himself.

    You can read about Marie-Julie's prophecies here (please keep in mind nothing is impossible with God):

  25. It's amazing how right you were. All the so called immigrants flooding Europe and America. I'm unsure and in doubt of a catholic prophecy except St. Malachi . Christ will restore peace, The anti Christ will deceive people to believe he is the Christ.


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