Friday, March 11, 2011

Defending the Belgian Monarchy

Blog member EBR recently posted this interview with Lord Keyes talking about his book which reveals how the Belgian King Leopold III was unjustly slandered as a scapegoat for Allied failures in the early days of World War II in the west. Also, blog member Matterhorn at The Cross of Laeken has been posting an excellent series defending the good name of the Belgian kings and refuting the many false and slanderous accusations made against them and the Royal Family at large over the years. I urge everyone to read Defending the Saxe-Coburgs Part I and Part II. As we can see with the current political crisis in Belgium there are many people who have made it their goal in life to destroy the kingdom and a key tool in that is to undermine respect for the Belgian monarchy which has traditionally been the one thing that united all Belgians (and we support the united Belgium). Long live the united Belgium and long live the King!


  1. Very many thanks for the links!!

  2. It is true the repulican-separatist monsters are saying that belgium is an artificial kingdom with an forgein monarch, but this is FALSE the king of the belgians was born in belgium despite it used to be forgein. some separatist are talking about two monarchies with an personal union when others are talking about two republics, other separatits want to split belgium between the netherlands and france, but the true it that they are all belgians not flemish and valoniens.
    God save the kingdom and all the belgian loyalist.

    Hi from Argentina.

  3. Glad to, I was going to hold off until you finished but patience has never been my greatest virtue and I was afraid of losing track.


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