Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Riots Rock United Kingdom

The spoiled brat brigade have been at it again in London. Teachers, students and union members carried out a "protest" against the cost-cutting measures of the Tory-LibDem coalition government that brought out an estimated 500,000 entitlement junkies in what has been described as the largest union-led riot in London's post-war history on Sunday. 201 people were arrested and 84 people were injuried including 31 police officers. Banks were smashed up, fire bombs thrown, property was destroyed or defaced and so on, as we have seen before, and of course the loyal leftist media was quick to assure everyone that such violence and destruction was only the work of about 300 deranged anarchists amongst the mob. Yes, it is always those crazy no-government anarchists who sometimes seem to turn up constantly amongst mobs of people demanding more and bigger government -odd that. In truth, this was all planned and those doing the planning counted on such violence as their ultimate goal is chaos and destruction. I cannot help but think back to the blot on the otherwise solid reign of HM King George V; the refusal of asylum to the Russian Imperial Family after the 1917 Revolution. The make-up of this latest act of mob violence should be lost on no one. Students have long been the "useful idiots" of the revolutionary elite and, just as it was in Russia, the unions are the nursery of Bolshevism. Also, like the demonic forces that plagued Tsarist Russia these British cry baby battalions are also anti-country, anti-religion, anti-capitalist and anti-monarchy. We all remember how the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were assaulted by a similar crowd in the past and the riot-ring leaders have made no secret of their plan to do their best to disrupt the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This all should, perhaps, give people a little better perspective of the often-maligned Tsar Nicholas II who is often portrayed as so cold and uncompromising. After all, the British monarchs allowed constitutional government, allowed democracy, allowed people to do or say whatever they wished even if it was treasonous, they have taken the monarchy effectively out of politics completely and yet still they are targeted. There should be no confusion here, the ringleaders have been completely open and honest about their aims: this is not ultimately about the cost-cutting done by "Call me Dave" Cameron. That is only the pretext for launching something that these leftist pinkos have been planning and hoping for over a long period of time: total revolution. The cost-cutting is simply useful in getting the government welfare babies off their hinders and providing the massive crowds to add muscle to the movement. The United Kingdom might be going down the tubes completely and no one will hardly stir but raise the notion that the tax-payer funded gravy train might be cut off and there is bloodshed in the streets. Their goal, like the Bolsheviks in Russia who used others to clear the way for them, is for wealth-redistribution, an end to social inequalities, the overthrow of the monarchy, basically a communist Great Britain. If anyone doubts this, I challenge you to go into to the den of the beast and see what they are saying about the Royal Family. "Parasites" living off the poor, over-burdened public, "unelected elitists", "disgrace to the goal of equality" etc, etc like we have all heard before. In some cases it is much the same language they use against bankers and big-business people but, the pinkos have always been a 'one trick pony' in that way. Everyone is living off the poor -you know, except for the teachers, students, nurses and union members who are totally entitled to live off the taxpayers! Oh, where are the redcoats with a copy of the Riot Act when you need them?


  1. Alack! What is this world coming to? If someone does not stop these revolutionaries soon, I fear there may be need of a counter-revolution. God help us all.

  2. I hope, I pray that there will be a counter-revolution and the sooner the better. Unfortunately I think things will have to get alot worse first.

    Also, my apologies for the unbroken nature of the post, blogger seems to be having a problem with paragraphs now. Technology for you...

  3. I retain a more optimistic outlook. Any attempt on the Prince and his fiance at their wedding will backfire heavily on these fools, successful or otherwise, will actually radicalize a great deal of British folk behind the monarchy. Think about it, for the Union's blustering, do you honestly think the majority of Britons hate their Royal Family? How will the average Londoner react when one of the view public events of hope in this dreary era, was ruined by entitled pricks? Or the military even. I'm pretty sure there are quite a few amongst them that will most certainly not take to kindly to any attempt on the Prince.

    Mark my words, any attempt on the royal wedding or the Royal couple CANNOT and WILL NOT be confused for anything else then utter treason.

  4. Well said. Personally I blame the damnable Whigs. It was they who first chipped away at the monarchy.

  5. I should add that my mention of their plan to disrupt the royal wedding was done simply to show (again) the anti-monarchist sentiment of these people, not any estimation of their success. If anything, such an outburst on such an occasion would, I agree, turn most people off. However, I don't think popular perception is what these people are worried about. They want attention and causing a stir at the wedding will get them that attention at a time when the eyes of the world will be on London. I don't think they really care in that case 'how' they are seen, just that they are seen.

  6. This is the peace that the Enlightenment brings. Democracy claims Freedom and peace and Equality, and produces only angry, greedy Mobs.

    But people don’t see this or spin it in a way as to make sure the Narrative of Democracy Stays Alive. Tis their shared Faith, and they refuse to question it.

    All that I can say i, God be with those who wish restoration of Order, and God Save the Royal Family.

  7. "This is the peace that the Enlightenment brings. Democracy claims Freedom and peace and Equality, and produces only angry, greedy Mobs." Sadly, so very true, Zarove. The worst part is, what Democracy preaches is a contradiction, as freedom and equality are, by their very nature, polar opposites. Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free. Nevertheless Democracy offers freedom and equality. You are correct in labelling Democracy a religion, for it is only through faith, and never by reason or logic, that paradoxes such as this can be accepted. However, no system of government should be a religion. That leads to the ultimate tyranny. When we worship our rulers (or our ruling system) we lose all freedom and our minds, hearts, and wills are subjugated to their despotic aims. Democracy cannot abide any contrary government, because they might attract the attention and loyalty of its worshippers. It must stamp out all dissent, so that it's false religion may be followed by all.

    God be with us, indeed!


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