Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Defending the Belgian Monarchy

I had almost forgotten to post the final part of Defending the Saxe-Coburgs at The Cross of Laeken (thanks to BR for the reminder). This last part deals with a monarch who I regard as one of the greatest of my lifetime, King Baudouin, refuting some of the attacks made against even that saintly man. So, if you have not; I urge you to check out all four posts on Defending the Saxe-Coburgs Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four. The Belgians seem to be a much put upon people and their monarchy is in possibly the most difficult position of any in Europe. Yet, this is what monarchists must do, when faced with republican attacks, defend our monarchies (even if just the principle) and answer falsehoods with facts.


  1. Thanks again for the links. I don't expect to have much success with these posts, or with any of my blog, really, other than "preaching to the converted". Still, some things just have to be said.

  2. At the very least, "preaching to the converted" will keep us all strong together in knowing we are not alone against the Republican front. And we can keep the facts in plain sight for those who seek them. Converts from Republicanism to Monarchism may be rare these days, but we're not unheard of. 'Twas facts that won me over from Republicanism to Monarchism. And 'tis blogs such as this that give me courage to keep up the fight. Knowing just how many other monarchists are out there is very reassuring, as I've been told far too often that I am just a rebellious youth who believes in archaic principles that the world left behind long ago.

  3. No defeatist talk! I don't know what the 'field' looks like in the Belgian media but I would guess it is like everywhere else and anything supportive of tradition gets no time. However, even among monarchists I have heard (talk to BelgieR) that many oppose Belgium and the Belgian Royal Family. They probably have only ever heard one side of the story and you are getting the truth out. I would say write a book about it, it just might not be given much attention by the academics.

  4. "However, even among monarchists I have heard (talk to BelgieR) that many oppose Belgium and the Belgian Royal Family".

    Yes, Belgium tends to fall through the cracks. Secularists and republicans don't like the idea of a Catholic Royal Family, while, at the other end of the spectrum, some lovers of Catholic monarchies can't see past the fact that Belgium is not a confessional state. Then there is the added difficulty that certain Flemish nationalists pose as great conservatives, probably helping to alienate people from the cause of Belgium and its Royal Family, people who might otherwise be useful supporters. I remember coming across a blog by a devout Catholic type, rather naïvely praising the Vlaams Belang as upholders of sugar and spice and all things nice.

    Thank you both for the encouragement, RR and MM. On the positive side, I did have one person, at least, tell me that I had changed their mind about Princess Lilian. As to books, I have thought of that myself and even have some ideas and titles in mind, but will probably not have the opportunity for it for a long time, if ever.

  5. I used to be socialist before I found out that monarchy is much more better :D.

    The only bad thing about Belgium kings is Leopold II, but he did a lot for Belgium when a monarch in a constitutional monarchy can't. It may have come at a cost for many Africans, but the other systems tend to be longer and harder on them.

  6. Leopold II was a constitutional monarch, he just came at a time when the king still played a major role. The Congo venture was entirely his own affair and it was his commission which confirmed the abuses that were going on and the region becoming a formal colony; after which conditions approved. In spite of how bad things were they have also become only worse since independence. It also meant alot to the Belgian economy, that is true.


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