Friday, March 25, 2011

Sorry Folks...

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties - as in no internet! I am quite literally "phoning" this one in, my cell being the only internet access I have at the moment. If it gets back up I will put up the planned post later, until then, I appreciate your patience.

Update: The problem has at least been identified. Evidently the men digging for the latest pipeline severed the phone cable. One would think they would have all of those marked but alas not. Anyway the phone co-op knows about it and we will just have to see how long it takes to correct. -MM


  1. My anticipation of what you shall post grows! Nevertheless, for quality posts such as yours, my patience knows no bounds! Hope you get your internet back up soon!

  2. Thank you very much (for your sentiments and your patience) all is now back in order as you can see.


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