Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Emperor Addresses the Nation

Statements such as this, from the Emperor, are *extremely* rare and underscores the severity of the crisis Japan is facing. The Emperor said he was "deeply concerned" about the damaged nuclear reactors and called for continued national solidarity. He asked the Japanese people to pray for the victims as he would be doing.

"An earthquake of 9 degrees has never happened in Japan. Do not know yet the number of victims, but I pray it will save the greatest number possible," the Emperor said. He encouraged the people and thanked the people from around the world who have sent their sympathies to Japan.

"I sincerely hope that the people will overcome this unfortunate time to care for each other," the Emperor said. Thanks to The Radical Royalist for bringing this to my attention.

With all of our prayers I am sure.
God bless Japan
Long live the Emperor


  1. God Bless Japan and God Bless His Imperial Majesty!

  2. I am terrified about what is happening in japan it is horrible may god help those poor japanese. And i send all my condolocences and prayers to the subjects of HIM Akihito, it is very strange that the Emperor of Japan apears on tv which is a signal about the terrible of this situation.

    Hi from Argentina.

  3. I add my own prayers to the emperor's and the people of Japan, and of the world over, and ask help in this great time of Tragedy.

    May God be with them all.


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