Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mad Motivation


  1. You'll hear a lot of Americans (I'm sure you know) say that this is why pure democracy doesn't work, and why they have a representative one. But ultimately, aren't the representatives themselves elected popularly? Essentially Americans elect their aristocracy, don't they?

  2. True, and I will agree with them insofar as a republic is preferable to a pure democracy, and when it comes to my country (Texas) and the Union, I accept the republic and simply want the best republic possible. Still, they all champion the idea that popular sovereignty is absolute and I reject that on principle. And, as you say, there is certainly an American aristocracy, there are numerous political families who have held power for generations. Bush, Kennedy, Gore, Kerry, etc all examples.

    The point is, sometimes "the people" can get it wrong. Horrifically wrong.

  3. Isn't that common mistake? Hitler was never popularly elected.

  4. Never said he was but 84%+ of the German public voted to approve his becoming Fuhrer and the Nazis were elected to the most seats in the Reichstag previously. Post 45 claims should be put aside, when he first came to power Hitler was enthusiastically supported by the vast majority of the population. Naturally no one knew how it would all end but, that's what you get with politicians.

  5. I would like to make an quote agaisn't t the idea that the people is always right in "the enemy of the people", a norwegian play made by Henry Ibsen, in that scene the people is accusing the protagonist, Dr. Stockmann, of ploting agaisn't them because he says that the water is contaminated (and it is true) and that they people must close the thermal bath of the city because all the tourist that take a bath in the waters may die, and the people refuses his affirmation because thay live of that thermal bath and he says "you may have the strength but i have the true". i use this as example that many times the popular will is the worst thing that can happen, in that case Hitler, and many times a minority is the people that is right.

    Because of that is an error in believe with the close eyes all that say the people, and that is the worst error of democracy that many times the people doesn't know who is the man that they are electing.

    Hi from Argentina.

  6. Hello, from Casca- Er, Washington State.

    MM, I usually agree with you, but Hitler was never elected. He had to be appointed by a small majority. Had the picture been of Oliver Cromwell, Ronald Reagan, or Vladimir Lenin, I'd agree wholeheartedly.

    1. Hitler was elected in the same way as most European democracies. You vote for the party, party forms a coalition, party leader gets to be boss. Then there was the direct democracy of the referendum that confirmed him in office after he abolished the presidency and named himself Fuhrer.


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