Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mad Rant: Americans & Socialists

Alright, the gloves are coming off. I am SICK of the ignorant spouting done by two groups of people I am, myself, often associated with. First, whether it is prompted by the upcoming royal wedding or the critical success of “The King’s Speech”, I am FED UP with the American “conservatives” who think it is cute to insult the British Royal Family. Recently, on the ‘comedy/news/commentary show “Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld” on the Fox News Channel, “ombudsman” Andy Levy smugly denounced King George VI as a royal who “had never worked a day in his life”. Yes, this guy who is paid to nitpick and make snide remarks about the show he is on (and in the past was known for making insulting fake “news” announcements about the King of the Belgians) insulted King George VI who was cited for his bravery as a naval officer at the battle of the Jutland in World War I and later served with the Royal Air Force was accused of ‘never working’ for a living buy a guy who is paid to bitch about his own show on TV. This, by the way, is the same show that once had to apologize for insulting the service of the Canadian military in Afghanistan.

Do these morons realize this is why practically everyone in Europe hates America? The majority of the leftie, atheistic socialists in the Old World hate America because the States are too conservative and too religious. Yet, how can the sane, conservative minority in Europe have any sympathy for America when idiots on TV calling themselves conservatives constantly make false, pointless and insulting remarks about the traditions and institutions traditional Europeans hold most dear? These so-called conservatives go on and on about the radical leftists, the socialists, the revolutionaries in Europe and then, when anything related to royalty comes up, they immediately adopt the same talking points as the pinko crowd they claim to despise. All of a sudden they start spouting the same crap that the leftists in their own country are spouting while calling for higher inheritance taxes, maybe banning inheritance altogether, sticking it to the rich and heaping scorn on anyone who is more ambitious, industrious or successful than themselves. Get a clue morons! There is no need for these talking dummies to be talking about European royalty in the first place and in doing so they are giving aid and comfort to the very same pinko revolutionaries who want to bring down all of western civilization and for that matter all civilization everywhere.

The second group that needs to be addressed is the so-called socialist “monarchists” in Europe. Oh, but wait you say, aren’t these people on your side on the most fundamental issue of monarchism? No! Deep down, I say no. Whether intentionally or out of sheer ignorance they are the enemies of monarchy the same as the republican bomb-throwers. These examples of the most blinding ignorance imaginable refuse to see the truth that is staring them right in the face! I am SICK of those who pretend as though modern Europe is a testament to socialism and monarchy being able to exist side by side! Socialism is destroying Europe, it has already destroyed most of the monarchies in Europe and those that remain exist in socialist cages, cowed, muzzled and in constant fear of their demise. They have destroyed their ability to do almost any practical good for their countries and then condemn them for doing nothing. I know this is unpopular and in fact I know that most royals themselves would probably be horrified by what I am saying and would surely denounce me. I don’t blame them, they have been raised and educated in this environment by people bent on their destruction and in a society that has become self-hating to the point of societal suicide.

Socialist Sweden is often mentioned, and that is a perfectly good example as the King of Sweden is probably the most powerless reigning monarch in the world. There is also the fact that it is simply a bad system. Taking money from the industrious and successful and giving it to the listless and unproductive simply does not lead to prosperity (and I don’t know why anyone would think that it would). What does this have to do with monarchy (someone will invariably ask)? Rampant socialism drives out business, which means no jobs, which means more people on the take and less people producing. As there are more and more people with nothing there is ever more resentment for those who have more (including royals) and the ever shrinking minority of those who are producing and paying the ever higher taxes become more and more angry over how their money is spent and it is not long before they resent their money going to royals who “never worked a day in their lives” as the tired mantra goes. Policies that ruin the economy, that encourage idleness and leave people with less and with few if any opportunities for advancement (because success is punished by higher taxes) do not help any country. A population of poor and hungry people, fed on a constant diet of class warfare slogans is not a recipe for monarchial success. Ask King Louis XVI -it doesn’t turn out well, for the royals or for the ordinary people.

All of the economic policies that involve the “share the wealth” mentality are harmful for monarchies, partly because they always involve class warfare attitudes that encourage everyone to be jealous of anyone who is better off than they are. Higher property taxes, estate taxes, exorbitant income taxes and inheritance taxes destroy aristocracy. Look at Great Britain and how many old noble families have been forced to sell their ancestral estates and manor houses because they could not afford the taxes. And you see the progression, aristocrats are scorned, mocked, ridiculed and, thanks to Tony Blair, have been evicted from any role in the British government where they have been an important part of the very successful British model of mixed government for centuries upon centuries. Is there any monarchy anyone can point to where the rise of socialist policies has not led to a reduction in the powers, popular support and respect for the monarchy itself? The root of these socialistic ideologies is inherently anti-royalist and, knowingly or not, any who embrace them are making a deal with the devil and will, sooner or later I am convinced, come to regret it.

HH Pope Pius XI said that socialism, “is based nevertheless on a theory of human society peculiar to itself and irreconcilable with true Christianity. Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist”. As Europe is a traditionally Christian place that statement should, I think, be accepted by all just as it stands. However, I think it would apply just as much to monarchists. I maintain that no one can be at the same time a good monarchist and a true socialist. Most socialists, I assure you, would agree with me on that point if nothing else. Not only monarchists but royals themselves would do well to remember this and jump off of the socialist mentality bandwagon as soon as possible. To continue forward is to dig your own grave and the fact that so many seem blind to that reality greatly disturbs me, and makes me a very, very Mad Monarchist.


  1. I agree with you every step of the way on this, Mad One. Doesn't stop me from being flaberghasted and exasperated at the situation in Europe, and the fact so called conservatives in America take vicious pride in undermining the very things in Europe which oppose the leftist enemy. Your mention of the Nordic Monarchies is of particular issue with me, quite frankly I find the idea of those great monarchies with their kings neutered and defanged politically to be personally offensive. Were these not the lands from which vikings once set sail from? Explorers, traders, conquerers, warriors and diplomats?. Was France not the Cradle of Western Civilization after the fall of western Rome, welcoming Irish missionaries and the writings of the ancients and the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire as the great frankish kingdom?

    What happened to the world...

  2. Socialist Monarchists are really more interested in a “Mixed” Economy, like Britain, and want to keep the Crown mainly as a heritage Mark, but give all the power to “The People”. I can understand them, while I disagree, and disagree I do.

    I agree with you on them.

    In regards to American Conservatives who Mock Royalty, such as Andy Levy, or Glenn Beck, or that bloke we mailed a while back whose name eludes me, they make sense if you accept there Narrative, and I will take a moment to ask you to read, and review, a dreadful book that is the source of a lot of this. It is W. Cleon Skousen’s “The 5000 Year Leap”, in which it is explained that America’s Founders were devout Christians lead by their Bibles to found a Nation like Ancient Israel, before the Era of the Kings, which was a Republic. Israel fell into error by demanding a King, you see, for before this they had a Republic, in which all power was derived from the People, and that worked like America.

    To them, America’s Founding Fathers were all Staunch Conservatives who held all the same beliefs they did, about Small Government, Free Markets, and no taxing the Rich to pay for the Poor. (Which is odd as they attribute the sentiment to Jefferson who clearly was Ok with Taxing the Rich to pay for the services of the Poor.)

    To them, Monarchy is a Liberal ideal, and they have taken to calling the Liberals Neo-Monarchists. In their mind, the American Antipathy toward Monarchy is itself Conservative, and they will attribute any Monarchist Sentiment to Liberalism. I’ve been referred to as a Liberal in recent months as a result, and I believe in a State Church, making Abortion Illegal, Traditional Marriage, Free markets, and the Inviolability of Property Rights. Also, everyone in Europe is a Liberal Socialist to them, so a Monarchist n Europe is no surprise, they are just being good Socialists. You see, anyone who does not agree with the Neo-Conservative Outlook is a Liberal, a Socialist, a Monarchist, and a Communist all at the same time. Heck, they insult Obama by calling him “King Obama”, and I heard one guy get sick of him bowing to “Communist Emperor” by which he meant the Emperor of Japan.

  3. True, and that's why I don't like Europeans complaining about American pride (usually expressed by conservatives). An over-abundance of American pride doesn't bother me, a staggering lack of pride in Europe does. The situation in your own country is also of above-average concern for me. The Irish are leaving and only non-Irish seem to be moving in. When western civilization collapsed (that is, the fall of Rome) it was the Irish who stepped in to put it all back together again. Who will do it next time? No place is untouched by the rot.

    That is where I think revolution and republicanism are key. Socialism, "multiculturalism" (as they dishonestly call it) and self-hatred are doing the damage but it is revolution and republicanism that have cut off the people of these nations from their history and heritage that would normally give them the pride, self-esteem and sort of sense of honor that would allow people to stand against this new barbarian horde.

  4. They have no idea whatsoever what any of those things actually mean, and to them the Liberals want “Rule by Elites’, and a Monarchy is Rule by Elites, so it’s the same thing. It really is that simple, other than they also use catch phrases like “Spread the Wealth” or “Wealth Redistribution”, and “Social Justice” as derogative.

    They basically mix the standard grade school version of Americas Founding in with modern Neocon Ideals, and as such will simply mock and ridicule Monarchy as it’s the opposite of the American Governmental Philosophy which they adhere to. King George the Third was a Tyrant, and in fact all Kings, even if good, are dictators and not good, and should be deposed, because all Government should be derived from the People. That is the ONLY legitimate form of Government.

    And since the Kings are the bad Guys, they turn them into Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters, or just repeat the usual Anti-Royal insults issued 235 years ago by men like Thomas Paine. They think the Royal Family simply leeches off society and never does anything but live a life of Luxury. They believe that the Young Princes gallivant with supermodels or go to Wild parties, and have large bank Accounts on the Taxpayers expense with no real source of income besides that and never work as they don’t have to.

    This Image makes the Royals look bad. They aren’t Sympathetic at all because gosh, they are just lazy Aristocrats who think they are better than everyone else and who contribute nothing!

    Given how they venerate the ideal of the Common Man and cater mainly to the Blue Collar crowd, this also means that the real men and women, those who contribute to society, are the real Heroes, and it should be those common men who rule, hence elections. Those filthy Aristocrats are just Liberal Elitists who are social parasites.

  5. And your right, this does play into Class Warfare and is exactly the same as the Leftists they claim to despise. But guess what? The “Conservatives” in America who so venerate America’s “Conservative” Founders are really Liberals. Americas Founding Generation were, too.

    The thing is, they just aren’t as Liberal as the Socialists are. As much as they link Monarchism to Socialism, because they hate Both and see their struggle against Socialism as the same as Americas Founders struggle against Monarchy, they don’t really understand Either.

    Socialism is actually more in line with Americas founding Principles, such as the Self Evident Truth that All Men are Created Equal, that all men ought to be given Equal Rights, and that all rightful power originates from the People.

    The only real difference is that they want to somehow preserve Hereditary Powers and Rights and Private property Rights, whilst maintaining a Public ally Run Government, even though these principles are really the basis of a Hereditary Monarchy, not a Republic.

    I’ve even seen them claim that anything run by the Government will be less efficient and less effective tan private enterprise, in which people have a vested interest and a real stake in their affairs. Yet they never make the Link that the same could apply to Government, that Public Ownership of the Government is what makes it corrupt, slow, and inefficient. This never dawns on them.

    In fact, you wrote on how the Feudal System was basically the Small, decentralised sort of Government by Free Enterprise they keep talking about, yet they never see it because their heads are too filled with “We, The People” and they never realise that you can’t have it both a\ways.

    Republicanism always leads to Democracy, and inevitably leads to Socialism, Class Warfare, and a demand to redistribute Wealth. If your entire society is based around the ideals of total Equality, then you will seek to impose Equality by removing anything that makes people different or that gives them an Advantage.
    Even Philosopher and Atheist Will Durant noticed this when he said that you can’t have both Freedom and Equality, for Equality demands that people are oppressed in order to ensure one does not gain more than the other, and that all have the benefit of what is Produced. The fact that this leads to Stagnation is also inevitable as people will loose interest in work or self improvement if they see no benefit to it.

  6. Ah yes. Sweden. However far we've fallen in Ireland, we at least have not introduced the outrageous 'sex by surprise' as an offence.

    Personally, I find it baffling that anyone can declare himself as a monarchist - yet still align with and embrace an ideology that denies the reality of a natural hierarchy, an ideology that not only attacks any traditional manifestation of such a hierarchy but actually seeks to invert it, by placing the least in power over the greatest.

    And you've highlighted another serious matter: to what extent do our societies retain the superficial trappings of traditionality simply to maintain the impression of continuity in our countries? And does this work to diffuse and defuse what counter-revolutionary forces remain in our traditional homelands?

    One would be inclined to despair...were one relying solely on the dogma of dialectic materialism for consolation...

  7. They are blinded by both their Patriotism and their Mythology around American Ideals and the Revolution, and cant see the obvious Reality. Instead, they think “Conservatism’ is solely about what America’s Founding Generation produced, and that which conflicts with this is automatically seen as “Liberal” and to be scorned.

    In the end they simply want the Lighter form of Liberalism that allows for Free Markets, and follow more closely Ayn Rand, only they try to Baptise her Philosophy by adding Pseudo-Christian Theological Trappings to it as if it’s a Natural Fit.

    Their Mockery of Monarchy is their attempt to feel superior as Americans who have the godly, holy, Biblically Sanctified, blessed by God himself who personally inspired it Conservative form of Government in the US Constitution and Monarchy is just an archaic, old, Liberal idea that is based round Oppression.

    They don’t care who they hurt or insult, or what the Truth is, this is more about peddling Neoconservative Mythology and ideals, not about actual Truth. To be honest, I doubt their ideas will work any better than will the Liberals they so hate, as they have the same fundamental Flaws.

    They ignore how the Throne is connected to the Altar, or the Crown delivered by God, and the king ruled by Divine Right, they ignore the obvious fact that its based round Inheritance and the Natural Family, and they ignore the fact that those ho uphold Monarchy tend to be Conservatives, and just ridicule it like school Children, never trying to understand it, because they base their whole Identity round the American Revolution, and their particular interpretation of it.

  8. Of course they alienate the European Conservatives, but to them, the Frenchman is universally a Liberal, a coward, and an idiot who eats cheese and drinks wine. To them the Belgians are just foolish simpletons, and the Swedes are mindless drones, and he British just Crumundgendy Socialists with Pompous attitudes and an inbred Royal Family. They don’t care who they hurt. They don’t want European Allies because they don’t think there is such a think as a European Conservative, and the way they define the term, there really aren’t any. Only Neoconservative Americans who hold to American Constitutional Principles and Free Market Value is a Conservative.

    What else do you expect?

  9. I certainly don't expect them to be monarchists, for America it is pretty much a non-issue and I'd rather they say nothing if they can't say something nice. What I think is not outrageous to expect is that they consider how they would react to Europeans insulting the American flag, the US Constitution or "Uncle Sam" or something.

    Everyone has stereotypes so that doesn't bother me quite so much; the British are arrogant snobs, the French are surrender monkeys, the Italians are double-crossing mobsters and the Germans are Nazis forever and all time. They all do the same back; Americans are hypocritical, hyper-religious bullies, rednecks, economic oppressors etc. However, the British bashing probably bothers me more than most, and I don't why they can't understand this, because many will (on other occasions) admit that of all the countries the US has rescued over the years the British are one of the few who have paid it back by helping out America in her own times of trouble.

    I would also like, relating to my prior point about pride, guys like Daniel Hannan, Nigel Farage or Lord Monckton (conservatives who are often on conservative American media -which consists of FNC) would bring up the subject when talking to Beck or whoever and let them know that their snarky remarks are not appreciated and that they would not appreciate the same tone being used about those things in America which represent the foundation of their life, government & history.

  10. Mad Monarchist, I'm in the same boat as you are. I remember, when the Queen came to visit President Bush, there was an article on a conservative opinion site I read denouncing that not only a monarch, but the dreaded British monarch, was allowed to walk on American soil! I couldn't finish reading it.

    I think the problem is, since the leadership of the American Revolution was undertaken by 18th century leftists, it has given American conservatives the capacity for double-think that is astounding. They like many of the "results" of tradition, but they despise (or at least don't understand) the social norms and hierarchies where those traditions were born and nurtured.

  11. FOX NEWS is owned by Rupert Murdoch. All outlets of his media empire have the order to degrade Monarchies in general and our royal family in particular.

  12. Murdock is an Australian Republican, who favours Americanism.

    1. I'd like to see Murdoch stand up and declare that all the workers at his companies should have a say in running things and that they should vote for the CEO every 4 years. Then I' d be convinced of his true feelings towards republicanism.

  13. I say, the gloves are off indeed, and the sword drawn!

    I of course agree with you entirely, and with everyone else.

    Although I would like to know where you get those pictures for your Mad Rants. Is there a film somewhere on the Mad Baron?

  14. Mad Monarchist, i agree with yours thinks about the socialism in europe and in my opinion they are POISON to the monarchy, but not only in the monarchy also in the republics, they are the worst thing that could happend, they destroy the power of all the kings in the world they want to make the king just an simbol when he is the keeper of the peace and the prosperity of the nations, one day i read an notice about the Bolsheviks in spain wanting to strip the king of his charge as Captain-General of the Spanish Royal Army, when i saw that outrageous thing i was almost in an state of fury because they are wanting to slowly destroy all the power of the king an make him just an puppet, i use this example to show that the Socialism and the Comunism are the worst enemy of the free people, thwy promise to bring democracy when they only bring dictatorship, and some party leaders are living like royals (in the comunist Russia they where just 600000 cars), as i said they are also poison in the republics of the whole world for example in my region of the world, latin america almost all the countries have socialist goverments, just whatch my country that is full socialist that call himself "justicialistas" which mean that they say that they bring social justice but in my country the big medias as "Clarin" or "La Nacion" have big problems to supply themselves with paper because the had seized the control of the paper for the news, and they subsidize people that dont work with the money of the retired people, going a litle more to the north, we can see the president of venezuela an country very rich in oil, but that have more than an 20% of people living as poor, Chavez is an crazy man that say to carry the legacy of bolivar, the national hero, but is making his country an second Soviet Union, summarizing the socialism make all the countries where it achieve victory an dump.
    Hi from Argentina.

  15. Mad Monarchist, you are a very insightful man and a very clever writer. While I don't always agree with you, the instances where we are in disagreement are incredibly rare. I would say about 99% of the things I have read on your blog are in complete agreement with my own views, and even where we do disagree, I can understand your point and I don't think we disagree as much as may initially seem.

    Anywho, I am a long time reader, first time commenter on your blog. Just created my own account now so I could finally comment. You need to be heard! The more people that hear your message, the better! Especially in this latest post! You know, I used to be a big fan of Fox News and other American Conservatives. But, that was before I became a monarchist. Now they sicken me almost as much as the left. Especially Glen Beck! Let's not even go there, or I'll be starting my own "Mad Rant"!

    But yes, spread the word! People need to hear this stuff! All they get here in the States is Fox, CNN, and other such crap. They need the MadMonarchist!

  16. Monsieur Nicot, the pictures are from the Russian film Boar, not exactly 'about' the Baron but with him as sort of a backdrop. There have been one or two others but all Russian -and very hard to come by.

    My fellow reactionary, as far as TV news goes, I still stick with Fox pretty much, simply because the other alternatives are worse. Beck has had alot of things right but -it's better to not get me started on him either. They all take cheap shots at the royals, even those who I generally like.

    As for Rupert Murdoch, if anyone can show me some specific evidence of him being anti-monarchist I would like to see it. For myself, from what I have seen, I don't think he's that deep. He's out for money and power and will support or oppose anyone depending on his interests, whether it is Thatcher, Blair, Commie China, the USA or whatever. As far as I can tell his only agenda is himself and royal scandal simply helps sell papers and raise ratings.

  17. Everyone knows Fox is just Republican Propaganda. :P

  18. All of the news stations are propaganda for some political orientation. It's better to just admit that and watch them critically. I watch the news station that rubs me the wrong way the least.

  19. True, all the networks are republican (and I wouldn't expect any different in America), Fox News is Republican propaganda and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS & PBS are all Democrat propaganda. Most know that and even if not they gravitate toward those they agree with. The only difference I see is that Fox is more market-driven whereas the others are more ideology driven. They wouldn't give tradition or conservatism a fair shake if their lives depended on it, they would go on spouting the liberal talking points if they lost every viewer they ever had. Fox, on the other hand, goes where the money is. Fox broadcasting is very liberal, pro-Democrat etc because more liberals watch sitcoms & cartoons etc whereas Fox News is pro-Republican because more conservatives keep up with the news & current events and because they were a previously untapped market. They go where the money is. So you have one that is mercenary and all the rest that are principled insofar as they are prepared to go down with the ship selling failed and destructive revolutionary ideals.

  20. That's actually the best run-down of the news media I've ever heard.

  21. Makes a lot more sense than what you usually hear about them both being ideology-driven.

    So if the money was in liberalism, do you think FOX News would fire its current staff, or are they all also in it for the money?

  22. Some would probably be fired or would quit but more than some might think would probably just 'shift'. They claim to be "fair and balanced" after all and many of them used to work for liberal media. However, 'shifting' is easy and time honored in American media and I'm sure others as well. Zb, right now the people on Fox are going crazy about Obama's massive spending and the huge debt (which is true of course and we should be outraged about it) but they made hardly a peep for the 8 years "W" was President and spending money like a drunk sailor on his last night of shore leave in the red light district. They just 'shifted' their priorities; spending wasn't but now it is.

    Of course, the other networks do the same. When "W" passed the oh-so-appropriately named "Patriot Act" the liberal networks went livid with indignation over the violation of privacy and civil liberties. When their darling Obama renewed all of the powers claimed by "W" they said nothing, they shifted, they had other priorities; like how a miniscule minority of Republicans were to blame for every problem in a government totally dominated by Democrats in every branch.

    And the funniest thing is that they all take themselves so seriously.

  23. I get the same grief from my fellow conservatives as well, and it makes me want to beat my head against a wall when they do exactly as American conservatives do. I like my fellow conservatives, I do, But They must realize that the veneration they possess for their founding fathers is the same veneration European Conservative Monarchists hold for their kings and queens.

    1. I've always found that attitude of American conservatives to be particularly hypocritical - they say "Oh, monarchs. They're nothing special, they're just ordinary people like you or me. There's no reason to give them special treatment."

      But they treat Abe Lincoln or one of the Founding Fathers like they're freaking gods! They even put Lincoln on a damn *throne* on his monument! I find that double-standard to be quite absurd.

      It's okay to degrade and mock living monarchs, but it's perfectly okay to venerate a bunch of long-gone guys who'd utterly been dead against being venerated in such a way? Quite extraordinary, to my mind.


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