Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prince William at His Best

Between being hounded by the media and Pink calling him a "redneck" for hunting, Prince William has not had an easy time of it as of late. However, last night he was in full form at the Sun Military Awards, hosted by The Sun newspaper at the Imperial War Museum. The event was held to honor the military veterans of the United Kingdom, many celebrities were on hand and Prince William was accompanied by his younger brother Prince Harry, himself a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Prince William's speech was modern royalty at its finest and his paid tribute to the men and women who serve in uniform for their Queen and country. Prince William himself has trained with the army and navy and is currently training as a rescue helicopter pilot with the RAF. The Prince told his military comrades that it was, "a privilege and an honor" to wear the same uniform as so many other brave individuals. One of those present was a Royal Marine (Ben McBean) who lost an arm and a leg to a landmine in Afghanistan and returned home with Prince Harry. The royal "spare" referred to him as "a true hero".

Prince William said, "This country is blessed with its Armed Forces,” during his tribute address to the troops.

"These are not just words. It is the truth. Your unremitting pursuit of excellence, your humanity, your humility, your extraordinary self-discipline, your camaraderie – regardless of background – mark you out as amongst the very best in our society.

"Your loyalty to one another will mean the difference between life and death. The example you show us has penetrated the national psyche. It has drawn the British people together in an extraordinary way.

"The magnificent response up and down the country on Armistice Day this year bears powerful testimony to this. So I would say that, although you serve the country, you also show us the way."

Again, what more is there to say? It was Prince William at his finest last evening.

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