Friday, December 11, 2009

Obama Too Busy for King

A rather insolent pattern is emerging regarding "The One" U.S. President Obama and the royals of the world. First there was Obama all but kotowing to the King of Saudi Arabia before barely giving a nod to the sovreign of America's most supportive ally Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Later on, the Marxist-in-chief snubbed the XIV Dalai Lama for fear of offending the communist bandit government in China. This was followed by a technically improper but very reverential bow to the Emperor of Japan. Now, many Norwegians are upset that B. Hussein Obama refused an invitation by King Harald V of Norway to have lunch as is traditional for winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. He has also ruffled Norwegian feathers for refusing to attend other customary events. So what is the attentive monarchist to gather from this odd, inconsistent behavior? Bow to the Saudi King, snub the British Queen, snub the Dalai Lama, bow to the Japanese Emperor and snub the King of Norway... hmmmm... The only possible conclusion I can come to is that Obama only shows respect to the monarchs of people who have attacked the United States within the last hundred years. As Obama's own Democrat party used to constantly point out the majority of the 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia as is Osama bin Laden himself. We also recently passed the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Am I being a tad unfair? Probably. The King of Saudi Arabia and the Emperor of Japan had nothing to do with those tragic events but for a President who is constantly being accused of selling out long-standing allies while trying to make nice with the enemies of America I cannot help but notice which monarchs he bows to and which he chooses to brush off. Probably all just a coincidence I'm sure, after all Obama was probably occupied with his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize in which he had to defend his sending of 30,000 more troops to one of the two wars he is engaged in and then go on to remind the world why sometimes warfare is needed and beneficial. Which is true, but probably not the sort of thing one expects to hear in an acceptance speech for someone getting the Nobel Peace Prize. So, I guess the moral of the story is that if you want President Obama to bow to you, first induce some of your countrymen to attack the U.S. at some point and if you want to win the Nobel Prize for Peace you need to send more troops to war.
And I'm the one who's crazy?!
In any event, at least the royals on hand behaved with all of the dignity and civility one would expect and in an effort to leave on a high note I will close with this picture of the lovely Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden looking very regal in her purple dress and matching jewels.


  1. I agree with your thoughts about this.
    Seems like a book title--Europe: He's just not into you.

  2. I think you are overreacting. Obama is one of the busiest men in the world, and if he doesn't have time to attend a few events, well, then I guess his hosts must understand.
    I am not a fan of Barack Obama. On the contrary, I don't like him and I think the US people made a terrible mistake by electing him as president.

  3. Funny then how he found the time to fly all the way to Europe to give a speech and pick up the award which he himself said he's done nothing to deserve. He also had time to sit down and have a beer with a cop and a professor over a case of hurt feelings. You really think the man does not have time to eat lunch? He has time to play more golf in 8 months than his predecessor did in 8 years, fly to New York for an evening out on Broadway, go to Martha's Vineyard for a vacation after his first few months in office, had time to record a video message for Ramadan just for Muslim-Americans, had time to go shopping while meeting Sarkozy in Paris and his wife even had time to fly from DC all the way to Chicago just to have lunch at her favorite dive. He has time to play basketball with his staff. He also has time to fly back to the US and then fly back to Europe again to speak at the end of the Copenhagen global warming get together. While in Norway he had time for a press conference with the PM, but he doesn't have time in his busy schedule for lunch with the King.

  4. I think the Inconsostancy rests more on Obama himself. He is a gl;pryhound and loves media attention. He has shown himself time and ime again o be all about promoting himself and generating a perfect public image, while tryign to lead a rock star/celebrity lifestyle.

    I don't think, in his mind, he snubbed Queen Eliabeth or the King orf Norway, just as I don htink he actually bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia or the Emperor of Japan. Rarther, he bowed so the Camera coudl see him, in what he thought he was suppose to do. Its not like he bothered to learn protocol or anything, and he is just pl;aying President and making a show of his visits.

    But only when the cameras are preasent.

    Lunch withthe King of Norway does nothign to uplift his image, or so he thought, and doens't really land on camera anywhere. It doesnt prmote the Brand. is Audience with Queen Elizabeth was equelly void of media specticle.

    I beleive that his differential attitude is self serving, and while it has angered Americans it fits nicely into his own attitude.

    Besides, he is the type of man who enjoys beign the President and playing the role in order to fulfill his own vanity, but sometimes just doens't feel liek the formalities. He does what he feels like.

    I've always gotten the impressionf orm Obama that his whole wolrd revovles around him. So this really isnt much of a surprise.

  5. That's probably true and one of the reasons it did not bothered me that the O bowed to the Saudi king of the Japanese Emperor -at least he's showing a little humility to somebody. In virtually every speech he gives it is *very* noticable that it's all about him.


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