Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shameless Plug


  1. I have always wondered if we of he insane are truly insane? It may be that we in the Age Of Democracy are always seen as spouting Nonsense, and as insane, but don't you think the obvious failings of Democracy, yet its endless praise despite people seeing these failings, shows them to be more mad than we?

  2. It is delusion taken to the popular extreme. I knew a fellow, supposedly "insane" who stuffed up the vents in his room and kept towels at the bottom of the door because he thought they were putting poisons into the heat/ac system. Seems nutty enough, but *if* what he thought was true, then his actions were perfectly sane. Now, your general public is not in doubt about the problems in the world today, which have arisen most grossly since the abandonment of religion and monarchy. I submit that Ronny was far more sane than these average John Q. Public types because he at least was trying to stop what he thought was the problem whereas the majority today keep doubling down on mistakes already made. Rather than stuff up the vents to keep revolutionary liberalism out they know it has failed and yet listen to those who assure them that if they only open the vents wider and breath more deeply all will be well. Sounds pretty insane to me, but if that is what the world considers reasonable, sane, rational thinking I am perfectly willing to openly 'embrace the mad'.


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