Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Hapsburg Heir Loses His Consort

It is now being widely reported that Her Imperial Royal Highness Archduchess Regina von Hapsburg passed away this morning at the age of 85 at her home in Pöcking near Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, Germany at 8:40 AM. The Archduchess was the wife of His Imperial Royal Highness Archduke Otto von Hapsburg, rightful Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary etc. Their oldest son, Archduke Charles, said, "My mother was an example to all of us, with her we lose a great personality, who has formed us with her steadfast faith and her positive approach to life". Not many details are available yet but the archduchess has been having heart problems for quite a while.

She was born Princess Regina Helene Elizabeth Margarete von Saxe-Meiningen on January 6, 1925 in Würzburg, Germany. She married Crown Prince Otto of Austria, eldest son of the Blessed Emperor Charles and Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary. HH Pope Pius XII blessed their marriage which was held at the Church of the Cordeliers in Nancy, France. They made their official residence at the Villa Austria in Pöcking, Bavaria. She gave her husband five daughters and two sons during a lifetime of service and devotion to her beloved husband and the House of Hapsburg. She will be sorely missed and The Mad Monarchist sends prayers and condolences to the Imperial Royal Family.

May the Archduchess rest in peace in the arms of the angels...


  1. My own condolances tot he Family and friends invovled, and I also offer a PRayer for her Family and for the Departed.

    May God welcome her into the Grace of his Heaven.

  2. An admirable lady; an admirable husband; an admirable dynasty. May she rest in peace.

  3. May God Rest the Soul of Her Royal and Imperial Highness

  4. Sad news May she rest in peace The Royal family are in our thoughts and prayers And may god restore Emperor Karl ll


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