Monday, February 1, 2010

The Day Texas Left the Union

On this day in 1861 the Texas legislature voted to secede from the Union, the seventh state to do so. This action was taken after delegates from across the state met in a secession convention and declared that, “Therefore, We the people of the State of Texas, in convention do declare and ordain…that the compact under which the Republic of Texas was admitted into the Union…be and is hereby repealed and annulled…” The legislature then voted 166 to 7 to dissolve the Union (the second largest majority of any seceding state) and the issue was then put to the voters for approval or rejection. In the referendum that followed secession was approved by a massive majority of 46,129 to 14,697. The ordinance of secession was written to officially go into effect on March 2, the anniversary of the day in 1836 that the independence of the Republic of Texas was declared from Mexico. Governor and former President of Texas Sam Houston opposed secession and his office was later declared vacant when he refused to give allegiance to the new government.*

The actions of the current administration has caused some of this history to be brought to mind again as the sitting Governor of Texas last year warned the federal government that their overreaching and socialist policies, if pursued further, could lead to secession. However, this was clearly worded as a warning rather than a promise or an avocation as he quickly added that we have a good union and it would be a shame to see it dissolved. However, in the most recent gubernatorial debates all of the three conservative candidates said they would at least consider invoking state sovereignty to nullify any law allowing a federal takeover of the healthcare system and two of the three professing that dissolution of the union between Texas and the other states could be a possibility albeit one that should be considered a last resort.

*A monarchist note: one of the most popular commanders of Texas troops in the ensuing war was a French prince (who will be covered in a future profile) and others went on to fight for Emperor Maximilian of Mexico after the war.


  1. I wonder what the currnt sentiment is now, and how uch Pro-American Patriotism exists in Texas as opposed to Pro-Sessessionist Sentiment.

  2. After so many years of public education/indoctrination and the large number of immigrants, from other states and abroad, pro-USA sentiments are certainly vastly more prevalent. That said, I don't know of any other state where there is more support for secession and where such an "independent" mentality exists. Not long ago I would have said any talk of dissolving the union was pie in the sky but lately it seems like it might be at least within the realm of possibility.

    That said, still far from likely.

  3. Well, possibely Alaska.

    Lately I've been thinking of the possibility of America Dissolving. A Russian Bloke said it woudl this year, though I doubt hisu PRediction. However, American politics has certainly divided our society along partisain lines, and osme, like WND's Joseph Farah, openlhy discuss Secession.

    I wonder if the Union is all that Stable, with the Tea Party, country Tea Party, Progressive, Conservative and other movements struggling to gain power to reshape America along their own vision.

    I do wonder sometime if America will remain in tact as one unit past the 21st Century.

  4. The population of Alaska is so small I would consider it an unwise (though understandable) move. I have thought the same about the stability of the union. The divisions certainly exist, yet things do not seem as bad as they were in the 60's and the union survived. On the other hand, both sides of the ideological divide seem to be more open and more hard-line than in the past. Particularly those on the right; there seems to be a growing frustration. Usually this dies out with another election but one day the politicos might look around and discover trading one set of liars for another is no longer going to be tolerated.

    Still, one cannot underestimate the massive and ever growing number of people who will support the union because they are dependent on the state for their survival. I think that has been the goal all along.


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