Friday, February 26, 2010

I Am Malta

You're Malta!

With a strange attraction to crosses and falcons, you are one of the
most mysterious and unknown people in your group of friends, your community, or pretty
much any category you want to mention.  You keep to yourself, but see yourself as a
knight in shining armor, ready to rescue people if they weren't so far away.  Still,
people are fascinated by you if they've heard of you, which most of them

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  1. I just took the test and apparently I am Veit Nam?


    You're Vietnam!
    After years of muddling through on your own, you've finally repaired yourself to a point of respectability. You would have been much better off had people you didn't like not kept insisting on spending so much time with you. But those times are fading quickly and these days you're pretty sure you won't get burned. Star power!

    Uhm... I'm not a Commie........

    I did it again but picked "Desert" rather than "Jungle" and got Afghanistan.

    I'm really ambivalent about Environment, though.

    You're Afghanistan!
    In the words of Bob Dylan, you "haven't known peace and quiet in so long [you] don't remember what it's like!" Sad but true. Boss after boss has led you around, using you for their nefarious purposes, and dumping you when the time was right. You've hurt and been hurt and now you're just sick and tired. When will people leave you alone and let you do your own thing? But you don't really even know what you want anymore.

    This game must be rigged...

  2. Well, I was perfectly happy with Malta. Of course I would prefer to have been a monarchy but the warm weather, religious culture and rather remote location are all fine by me. And if you're Viet Nam, that's not so bad aside from the communism part. It is a very gorgeous country with great monarchial traditions.

  3. At first, I was the UN. I shuddered and immediately retook the test, and somehow, ended up as France:

    You're France!
    Most people think you're snobby, but it's really just that you're better than everyone else. At least you're more loyal to the real language, the fine arts, and the fine wines than anyone else. You aren't worth beans in a fight, unless you're really short, but you're so good at other things that it usually doesn't matter. Some of your finest works were intended to be short-term projects.

    And then I took it again and got Malta.

    Never trust an online quiz.

  4. I sent the test to my mother and it came up as the UN for her too.


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