Sunday, May 1, 2011

We Are Revenged!

I’m sure everyone has heard the news by now. The arch-terrorist and most wanted criminal on earth, Osama bin Laden, is finally and certainly dead. On orders from President Obama U.S. Navy SEALS (I would like to think my cousin among them but who knows) stormed his compound in Pakistan and put a bullet in his head about a week ago. His remains were brought back to the U.S. where DNA testing confirmed beyond doubt that it was Osama himself. As everyone probably knows, I am not a fan of much of U.S. foreign policy nor am I a fan of the current administration, however, this was absolutely good news. The impact of it will be debated for some time but the psychological satisfaction is immense. This man had the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands, innocents from all over the world, from the United States of America to the United Kingdom to the Kingdom of Spain, to the Republic of India, the Republic of Indonesia and in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as many other places around the world. The current situation around the world is very complex (I think by design) but at the end of the day a very, very bad man has been removed from mankind and sent to face divine judgment. As he descends to the depths of Hell I do hope he has to pass through a gauntlet of all the souls he butchered on 9-11, in London, in Madrid and all the other places around the world. Congratulations to all the heroes of the armed forces who played a part in his downfall and good riddance to this villain who now, thankfully, no longer curses this earth with his foul presence.


  1. Has it been confirmed? The DNA Sample was from his sister, so all this will confirm is that the body in custody is related. I also think it takes longer than a few Hours to do a DNA Test.

    Still, while it is unconfirmed, I hope it is True. I do not delight in the Death of an Enemy, even one so vile as this, but do regard it as necessary and will be grateful he as a Menace as been Stopped, and the Pain he caused has been finally eased by his own price to pay.

    Perhaps now the 9-11 Era can close.

    Requisite, and may God have Mercy on his Soul.

  2. It has, they have had the body for a week so there would be plenty of time (especially with all of the labs at the disposal of the Pentagon and CIA) to determine the identity for certain. Additionally, I doubt the President would address the nation with such news if there was any possibility of a doubt. And I do delight in the death of this enemy. At other times I might not but this man was no ordinary enemy but a coward who got others to do his dirty work and targeted helpless civilians who could not defend themselves. I am delighted that he has met a violent end (and *very* thankful we do not have to deal with taking him alive).

  3. I don’t think taking him Alive was ever a Serious Option, or Seriously considered at any point.

    I’m pretty sure that the token claim of preferring him Alive was just to appease those who want us to seem more Humane by somehow ignoring the gravity of the Situation.

  4. The news says they called on him to surrender but he declined and resisted, he was then killed in the ensuing firefight and was, early this morning, buried at sea.

  5. I already see the usual suspects whineing that osama has been dead for a long while and that this is a publicity stunt.

    Then I tell them to go look at how al quieda is reacting.

  6. The worst enemy of the mankind now is with his brother, the demond, my congratulations for the soldiers who busted him once for all, the 11-9 had been erased as all his other crimes.

    Note: It is strange that he was killed the same day that Hitler. No?

    God bless America from Argentina!

  7. Some good news for the West at last.
    I heard they'd thrown his body into the ocean. Surely that would be a bad thing to do?

    Personally, I think they ought to have paraded his head on a pike through Washington D.C. like in the good old days.

  8. My brother said that his body had just been buried in an unmarked grave rather than buried at sea.

    Personally, I think he should have been dealt with like a vampire - put a stake through his heart, cut off his head, burn the corpse and scatter the ashes at a crossroad.

    He's dead. Let God judge him. I observe his evil actions, and would testify to them, but final judgement is God's alone (though I'd be willing to wager He'd havesome pretty choice words for the man).

  9. Definitely buried at sea. It was done on a US Navy vessel with an Imam performing all the proper burial rites for such an occasion -which has led to some criticism from Republicans that the government was being too politically correct given the individual in question.

  10. I find that itself troublesome. We give Last Burial Rites to anyone, and in the past this was never questioned, even if said person was the most Vile of Criminals. Now that he is Dead, why does it hurt if he’s given proper Rites of Burial?


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