Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad Blogger Business

Well, it is Friday the 13th so what better time for blogger to decide to freak out. As you may have noticed I was only able to post today's article just now (after waiting dang near all night) and the post from yesterday on the House of Savoy and religion has vanished (Voorhees must have murdered it!) though the blogger people say that the missing posts will be restored at some point. Luckily, if they are not I still have that one saved so I can post it again if the need arises. For someone who tries to always have something new to offer this is *extremely* annoying but I thank all of you for your patience. Hopefully (perhaps once Friday 13th is over) all of these bugs will be worked out and things can get back to some version of normal around here. Thanks to you all for reading!
The Mad Monarchist


  1. Yes, this is very annoying! I just backed up my Cuernavaca post in case that disappears too.

  2. Do Carry On in the Certainty that The Monarchy Shall Endure...

  3. We all had the same problem, but I completely overlooked that it was Friday the 13th :)

  4. It seems to be sorted out now -though I'm still a little nervous as when the missing post reappeared the links were all run together and when I fixed that it jumped the post up to today rather than yesterday where it had been. Technology for ya...


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