Friday, May 27, 2011

Mad Monarchist Fan Mail

Maybe my readers like to see me suffer, but whatever the reason, I hear all the time how much you love reading my fan mail. So, here is the latest edition, you can all see how beloved I am:

hi! this article sucks! (Short and to the point, always a winner)

You are truly disturbed. Obviously you never took a history course in your life. Nazism was right wing, you can’t change the truth no matter how much you hate moderates. (Actually I majored in history and if Nazism was right wing it was an odd bird in deed, preaching socialism, abolition of class distinctions etc)

DIRTY FILTHY INBRED B******! (And in all caps so you know how much he meant it!)

Your “great monarchist” was nothing but a petty thief and a bloodthirsty war criminal, but it suits your amoral Machiavellian world view quite well that anyone who fights in the name of monarchism is a saintly figure. Greetings from someone whose unarmed civilian great-grandfather and his family were butchered by the forces of your favorite war criminal. (This was rather shocking to me -a man and his entire family are massacred and yet still managed to have great-grandchildren. Miraculous)

Hard to believe there’s idiots like you who bow at the feet of these over-inflated, self-centered monarchs. Congratulations you’re a bona fide slave! (Heh, heh, hear that? I’m bona fide!)

you are such an obsessive monarchist and traditionalist because you are most likely a f****** loser piece of s***. you should have been an abortion. (Don't worry, the world will be rid of me soon enough)

Lies, absolute lies. How can so many people believe this bull**** (Would have helped if the person had pointed out exactly what this was supposed to refer to but, alas, most do not)

Royals are nothing but a bunch of inbred, imbecilic parasites on society and anyone who would carry water for them is a retard. Why should anyone care about them? They’re thieves and murderers with jewelry. What heroes you have. (Well, you cared enough to look up a monarchist blog, come up with my email and send me a letter about the subject)

The British monarchy is the biggest criminal organization in the world. You can (unable to print suggestion) all you want, it only shows what a freak show YOU are. Quebec will soon be rid of them! (Oh, be honest, if Quebec wanted to be independent they would be by now, most just like being "precious")

I bet I know exactly who you are, you’re a fat, broke loser sitting in your basement and ****** out of your mind. (Afraid not. Truth be told, I'm skinny as a rail, not hurting for money and I don't have a basement -not too common in this part of the world)


  1. The knee-jerk sputterings of overly indoctrinated, mindless Lefties. Goodness, they're even bereft of wit! :-/

  2. Oh, how they shout and scream.
    And how we point and laugh.

    God knows why they spend their time doing this. It's not as if you go to liberal republican blogs and e-mail them messages of irate indignation. Or call them excrement. Right?

  3. Always enjoying to read hate mail. But I believe a reciprocation is in order, why do you not post any good mail you get as well to counterweight the hate mail? It'd be delightful to see good responses to your blog.

  4. No, call me crazy, but I try to avoid things that will inuslt what I believe it or upset me. And, there has actually been less lately than in the past, though they do seem to have gotten worse, or at least more foul in their language. SoC, I actually don't get many positive responses. Most who take time to think up my email must have an axe to grind. Usually positive message are also related to some specific topic and not me, the blog or monarchy in general. For positive news I usually look to the 250 members, the 1-2,000 hits a day (usually), and the 1,400+ subs on the YouTube channel. Some people seem to like it and that's fine, I don't need to be puffed up with compliments.

  5. Here's a more flattering post mentioning MadMonarchist to help balance things out:

  6. Ha, highly entertaining. I particularly enjoy the elegant lancing each receives at your hand.

    And I'm not wishing to puff you up with compliments or anything, but you've created a fantastic blog here. Witty, intelligent and one of a kind. Long may you reign in this particular electronic nutshell..

  7. Keep up this great work of your, don't ever give up on it.


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