Sunday, May 8, 2011

MM Video: The Queen Mum

A special salute to all the mothers out there on their special day from ... The Mad Monarchist


  1. I actually remembered this year, so Happy Mother's Day to all those who are.

    Mad Monarchist, I have recently been doing some political research to better acquaint myself with friend and foe. Republicanism, easy to debunk. Communism, no problem. Anarchism, a joke. I have more difficulty with Fascism.
    Fascism sides with conservative monarchists on many issues. Family, pride, strength, and tradition. However, it is revolutionary, populist, and totalitarian. It incorporates both Christians, Atheists, and virulent Pagans.
    Many of them respect Fascist leaders, others revile them. I find the whole ideology very confusing.
    Should we consider Fascists more positively or more antagonistically? Evidently they are not allies, but can they be conversed with? Can we trust them on some issues?

    I don't think you've made a post on Fascism in particular. You have a very busy schedule of course, but perhaps it could be considered in a few weeks or months.

    God Bless.

  2. Lovely video - very suiting for mother's day.

    I enjoyed the song too. I'll probably be humming it all tomorrow.

  3. I might do that, actually earlier this year I toyed with doing a profile of a fascist monarchist from Britain most don't know about (no, not Mosley). Your confusion is only natural because no one can really agree on what "fascism" is. It is *almost* as bad as Nazism when it comes to depth as Nazism ended up being nothing more than whatever Hitler said it was (and that's according to Martin Borman, not me). Mussolini, (and it's funny you should bring this up of all people because I get alot of people angry by having a similar view of Mussolini and Napoleon) was a lifelong leftist, republican, anti-clerical socialist. He fell out with them and started "fascism" so it obviously had alot of very unsavory qualities about it from the start, but he also tried to cut it to the customer's satisfaction -whoever the customer of the moment was, so it took on some traditional characterists too. However, even Mussolini never seemed really sure if "fascism" was just nationalistic socialism, corporatism or totalitarianism (and again, it ended up being, largely, whatever the hell Mussolini said it was).

    The generic definition is usually that fascism is simply totalitarianism. In that regard, I have no firm opinion on fascism, it could be good or bad depending on who was at the top of the totalitarian pyramid.

    Maggie, glad you liked the song, it has a special significance for me.

  4. To A. Nicot:

    In my opinion, generally fascism contains both the egregious ambition of a capitalist and the childish perspective of a socialist.

    Mussolini and the Japanese military elites, for example, were not (entirely) monarchists. In my opinion, Mussolini, if he won the WWII he would finally oust the Savoia. From his memoirs, Emperor Showa clearly stated his fear toward the military, “if I confronted them too often, I think they will depose me in favor of my brother” he said.

    Of course sometime, there is an exception. General Franco, despite a fascist was also a monarchist; however, one may argue that Franco was always a monarchist first then a practical fascist.

  5. MadMonarchist,

    Ordinarily I like you and on more issues than not I agree with you, but this quote is quite concerning.

    'The generic definition is usually that fascism is simply totalitarianism. In that regard, I have no firm opinion on fascism, it could be good or bad depending on who was at the top of the totalitarian pyramid.'

    Who could be 'on top of the totalitarian pyramid' such that totalitarianism would be OK with you? Is not a system founded upon the right of a highly centralized state to regulate every aspect of life without limits to its authority antithetical to the traditions of the Christian West to which Western Christian monarchists adhere, particularly rights of private property? How is it a monarchist ideal for everyone to be a slave in all aspects of his life to an all-powerful state?

    For God, King, and Country,
    Sam Starrett

  6. Well, ordinarily I don't read (or post) any comments that start out along the lines of "I read you all the time and usually agree with you but..." -especially on posts that are more than a week old (tends to denote someone digging for something to gripe about). I'm also a tad bitter that a video-post for mother's day turned to fascism. However, in case I don't put up my planned post on the subject (which is looking less likely) let me just sum up with this:

    If you have been reading for any length of time you will know that I put no faith in any political "ism". No matter which you choose, none will ever deliver the utopia they promise. So don't act like I said anything about being "OK" with any old totalitarian system. All I said was that not every regime in history that was ruled by one person was totally bad.

    And I SURE AS HELL never said that it was a "monarchist ideal" to be a slave to the state. I guess "ordinarily" you didn't read any of my numerous posts on the dangers of big-government or how libertarian traditional Christian monarchy was. Nonetheless, there have been movements which have been *labelled* as "fascist" which were better for the countries involved than the alternatives would have been.

    It doesn't make them perfect, it doesn't make them ideal but, in my view, you are NEVER going to find a system like that this side of the Second Coming. I could go on but this is not the place for it and, for the reasons mentioned above, I doubt was your intent anyway.


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