Monday, May 16, 2011

Video: A Tribute to Communism

Warning: This video contains some rather graphic images. In light of the current subject under discussions, all the accusations of counterrevolutionary cruelty, I thought it a good time to give just a little reminder of the established, documented and staggeringly monumental crimes of those the counterrevolutionaries were opposing. Watch and be horrified.

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  1. As someone of Czech descent whose father left his homeland in 1969, I have always felt strongly about opposing Communism and all of its forms. The 20th century was shameful for humanity because of the destabilisations brought by WWI, the rise of Communism and Nazism resulting for that, and monstrous crimes being committed. But to many, the philosophical roots of modern-day totalitarianism and terrorism go back to the French Revolution and especially the atrocities in the Vendee.

    Further to it, that the worst persecutions of Catholics have not been by other religions, but by leftist "progressive" regimes whether in Mexico, Spain, or in Eastern Europe.


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