Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mad Rant: A World Gone Mad

I am constantly reminded that, despite my own occasional thoughts to the contrary, the certificated, educated professionals in the psychiatric fields in both civilian and military hospitals were correct in their assessment of my damaged mental state -because if the rest of the world has not gone absolutely barking mad then I must have! Our civilization is crumbling around us and just at the moment when we most require the sterner stuff of which past generations were made, we are going suicidal soft! Perhaps things are better in the place where you bide, reading this rant (too many of which, I am sure, I subject you to), but it is painfully the fact here in the good old U.S. of A. to be sure. And that goes for foreign relations, the economy and domestic laws -really the only things government is supposed to handle. However, how can the government not screw all of these things up when it seems that so many people have taken leave of their senses?! Yes, yes, it is simply that I am the one with the problem -but what a massive one it must be.

Take the recent offing of Osama bin Laden, arch-terrorist and public enemy number one. Here was a man who proudly boasted of being responsible for the murder of thousands of people around the world and yet, when someone stepped up and sent this cowardly, bloodthirsty bastard to meet his 72 virgins some people in this country actually complained! There was even a Catholic priest on TV who said that we shouldn’t say Osama was evil because that is only for God to decide (he was probably a Jesuit…)! Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! Is everyone trying to play a joke on me? Whatever happened to the Church that was home to the “fighting faith”? Where is Torquemada when we need him? If we cannot say that Osama bin Laden was evil we might as well give up on any semblance of religion or morality because it does not exist and there is no point to any of it. As for the lay population, we have got the usual whining that he should have been captured, he should have been given a “fair trial” (like that would have been possible) and, my personal favorite, that America had no “right” to kill Osama because it was America that created him.

(head banging on desk)

That is so asinine that I hardly know how to go about addressing it -it just makes my head hurt. In the first place, America did not “create” Osama bin Laden -he was responsible for his own life and his own decisions, not anyone else. Secondly, even if he were a totally American creation I still think we would have the “right”, yes, even the *responsibility* to put a bullet between his eyes. Tim McVeigh was ‘American made’ but that didn’t stop us from shooting his veins full of poison after he blew up a few hundred people in Oklahoma City. Osama bin Laden was a bad guy who got what was coming to him -it should not be a complicated subject. He was also a gutless wimp who died cowering behind his wife. Think about this: he complained about the U.S. having a base in Saudi Arabia and used that to try to justify his actions. So, why did he not go to his homeland and lobby the government to order the U.S. to leave? Why didn’t he try to force their hand instead of coming to America and butchering thousands of innocent people? Because if he had, the Saudi government would have stomped on him and his death would have been far worse than two shots in the head. He probably would have been separated from his head. Coward.

Okay, moving on, I mentioned the economy. This won’t take long. When it comes to the economy I knew my doctors must have been right all along as soon as I heard Vice President Joe Biden say, in all seriousness, that in order to get out of the mountain of debt we were under the government needed to spend more money. And no one called him on it. Everyone just went along like that made complete sense. [hold on a second, blood’s coming out of my ears] The bill was passed, and the same pattern continues to repeat. We have about fourteen trillion dollars of debt in this country and the government wants to “fix” it by spending more money. Again, the fact that roughly half the country agrees with this, hell the fact that ANYONE would go along with this proves that, yes, I must be totally out of my mind because if I am not then our entire civilization is suffering from nothing less than an absolute plague of madness.

Just today, I was reminded of another example. You know election time is getting close when immigration starts to be important again and this time is no different. There is a bill currently going through Austin by which the Governor wants to outlaw so-called “sanctuary cities”. For those of you who don’t know, these are cities where illegal aliens are welcome, where police and civic authorities are not allowed to check the status of anyone’s citizenship or to report them to the U.S. Department of Immigration. These are cities where the local government says, “On these particular laws, we are going to look the other way and refuse to enforce them”. The debate over these cities is nothing new, nor is the talking points of both sides but what really makes my head explode is the line we always get from the local police. They say that enforcing immigration laws would destroy the “trust” between illegal aliens and the police and make it harder to stop more “serious” crimes in their neighborhoods because they will not report anything or want to talk to the police at all for fear of being found out and (though I can’t imagine why) extradited back to their country of origin.

Please, help me! Does this make sense to anyone? Can someone tell me how? How is this any different than if the police stopped arresting people who stole cars because that would mean the thieves wouldn’t help them catch the murderers in the area? Do police have a similar relationship of “trust” with the child molester community, the vandal community or the rapist community? Here I was thinking that the police were supposed to uphold the law, all of it, regardless of all else. I’m sure people will be upset by some of these comparisons, but I cannot see it any other way. Illegal aliens, *broke the law* as soon as they crossed the border, they committed a crime and I see no reason why one group of criminals should be overlooked while other criminals are not. The police should be arresting criminals -period. Whoever they are, wherever they are from, whatever crime they committed. You commit a crime - the police take you away. Seems simple to me, but, lest I forget, I am the crazy one so, perhaps the system makes perfect sense to everyone else.

There are, of course, other issues in other countries I could go into. Such as the element in Canada which is utterly devoted to depriving that country of their greatest, most lucrative, natural resource or the fact that while the United Kingdom is so short of cash they will downsize the military and gut the Royal Navy but never think of making people responsible for their own doctor bills. Of course, on that score, I might also mention that there are people in Britain who see nothing wrong with paying the government over forty million pounds a year to treat men with erectile dysfunction but find it outrageous to pay the security bill for the wedding of their future king. One might think that things like sovereignty and national security would take precedence over a crowd of aging old men who can’t chase skirt like they used to but, then one might just be a … Mad Monarchist.


  1. Is it strange for a rabid dog to bite everyone?; Is it strange for a pack of hyenas to devour a helpless fawn?; Finally is it strange for the horsemen of the apocalypse to destroy the world?

    Black …
    For the achievement of the rightful
    Cleanse the world from the immortal teachers
    Blurred and distorted by the empty mortal minds; their only fate
    … From The Four Horsemen

  2. I think you will find the Royal Wedding complaint is the typical Republican one. They note how expensive the Monarchy is and pretend all a Republic dopes is remove them. We all know that this isn't so. Removal of the Monarchy is lead to its replacement by a President, who will cost more, but Republicans live in their fantasies.

    Fantasies which incidental explain the rest too. its just how they try to impose on Reality their dreams, regardless of if they become true or not.

    Political Correctness is a Scourge.

  3. I've been feeling equally frustrated Mad Monarchist, if in different regions of thought.
    How do we reconcile feminism, masculinism, and the institution of marriage?
    How do we save Europe from the tide of rot and immigration that is swamping it?
    How do we keep people educated enough to argue properly concerning religion and politics?
    How does one reconcile American conservatives with the idea that their nation is not the best thing ever?
    How does one lose weight without exercise?
    The mysteries of life...

    Society seems to be biased against the very groups that supposedly control it. It's difficult to maintain hope, isn't it?

  4. Oh, feminism, one of my favorites. Women can do the same jobs men can do, so they should be able to do them. Which would be fine except that there's one really important job women can do (have babies) that men cannot. Hence the suicidal decline in the birthrate across the western world.

  5. Don’t get me started on American Conservatives…

    They aren’t really Conservative, and these days they export. Thanks to the American Hegemony many “Conservatives” in Europe are basing themselves and their tactics on the American Republican Party. See Dave Cameron for an example.

    The Truth is, today’s American Conservatives don’t support European Conservatism at all, they blast Monarchies the same way Left Wingers do and think this makes them “Conservative”…they are oblivious that they are essentially helping the European Left whilst killing the European Right. Europeans don’t think of Abolition of Monarchy as Conservative and this just plays into the Hands of the Socialists.

    Then up comes the “New” Conservatives backed, and often financed, by American Inspired interests.

    I miss old Toryism.

  6. I think an additional problem there is the changes in what is considered "political". With monarchs keeping religion at a distance, voicing support for things like multiculturalism, tolerance (of the bad kind), global warming and income inequality etc many conservatives just don't see many monarchies as being on "their" side like they used to. The royals might not really be aware of this (due to the environment they have grown up in) but it may come back to bite them.

  7. By the standards of todays twisted society you may be considered mad; but not by me. I only hope this can be reversed before whats left of western civilization is completely destroyed. It's as if you see everyone walking of of a cliff and there is nothing you can do to convince them it's suicide.

  8. A sad and true fact MM the world, and most exactly europe, is roting from inside and outside because of the socialism and of the Islamic inmigrants (i apologyse with the believers of Ala but it is true) the place to keep the Arabic culture is Arabia not Germany or Italy or any other country of the western world, also the atheism is destroying the hearts of the mankind itself the Kingdom of Sweden is an example of it he also we must restore the confesional state no matter what religion it would be...

    In this hard times we must remember and embrace as example the old days of the Restoration of Vienna and the Belle Epoque and embrace the hope that one day as in 732 and as in 1683 the old order will be restored. Restore the old order!!!

    By the way in scotland the separatism has won the 45% of the seats in the chamber, lets hope that it doesn't turn in another belgium.

    Hi from Argentina.

  9. As far as the Church not saying Osama bin Laden was evil, we may not judge anyone as suh. Actions can be evil, but people we are told not to judge. Subjective agents with varying degrees of culpability commit acts which are evil.

  10. Okay, so Stalin wasn't evil, Mao wasn't evil, Hitler wasn't evil, Pol Pot wasn't evil, Charles Manson isn't evil, satanists aren't evil ... hogwash. "By their deeds ye shall know them" and by their deeds I know them to be EVIL!

  11. But according to the current politically correct culture Osama was just a victim of the evil West and the horrible awful Villain America............

  12. Well, this isn't a case of the Church saying anything, but a priest. I think the official line of the Church is to pray for Osama bin Laden's fallen soul, as we would pray fro any of our enemies. You defeat enemies, but you still ove them by praying for them.

  13. MM - I'm not going to say the priest was right. Frankly, he's an idiot. Final judgement is reserved for God. Christians are called to provisional judgement - we make our call, but need to be open to repentance and forgiveness. Though, since we can't know the hearts of men, we don't get all the info. That's why God gets the last say.

    In short, I think he needs to go back to theology. And Aurelian is right - the official position is to pray for him, and then leave it to God.

    Regarding the rest of it... I am reminded of Chesterton's The Ball and the Cross, which wound up concluding by putting everyone into an asylum unless they were certified sane (inverting the present presumption of sanity).

    I do honestly feel that a crash is coming, and there is too much inertia to avoid it. Economically, you're right - America is a basket case and is just being stupid in its debt management. I think people can see it, and perhaps more than you give credit, but they vote out of inertia and habit, and thus the solution never comes.

    In large part, it is because much of the leadership pool in the West has no idea what they're sowing anymore that what we will reap will come as a horrid surprise. And we're the ones constantly watching the, er, "crop" grow.

    And marquitosidol - don't apologise for being anti-Islam in the West. Plenty of people agree with you.


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