Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Favorite Royal Images: A May King and Queen

The future Queen Maria Jose and King Umberto II of Italy on the occasion of the birth of their firstborn. They were certainly a royal couple made for the cameras.


  1. Yes, they were. The Belgian royal family has often been blessed with beauty. I think of Queen Maria José, Queen Astrid, Princess Lilian, Queen Paola, Princess Esmeralda, as well as King Leopold I, King Albert I, Prince Baudouin (brother of Albert I), and King Leopold III, especially. And the Savoys, in Umberto's generation, were also a good-looking family; Umberto's unfortunate sister Mafalda was particularly lovely.

  2. And Carlota of course, she was gorgeous. I have many favorites amongst the shots of the Savoys, King Victor Emanuel III, Queen Elena and their children, they were a very striking bunch. And on Princess Mafalda -couldn't agree more.


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