Friday, April 29, 2011

They're Married

Quite an eventful night it has been (and I'm very tired at the moment). What can I say, nobody does it quite like the Brits when it comes to royal pomp and ceremony (come to think of it, no one really makes an effort besides the Brits these days). I thought it was spectacular, my only complaint was with the media coverage which (I'm hoping this was just an American thing) contained waaaay too much talk about Diana. Everyone looked at ease, in good humor but dignified. Prince William was very smart in his Irish Guards uniform (can't beat a British soldier in a red coat) and the bride, this is just my taste, I think takes the prize as far as her style and appearance etc. I think she really pulled off the traditional-modern fusion perfectly, just the picture of loveliness. Their new titles were also announced, henceforth they are Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Certainly a day to remember, and I certainly will, but right now I'm running on empty. God bless them both, I hope they have a very long and happy life together and Long Live the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!


  1. God bless the newlyweds! May they have a long and happy marriage.
    God save the Queen, and her descendants! God save the United Kingdom!
    I watched it on YouTube myself, so it was quite dull with no commentary whatsoever.

  2. May the Lord grant long-life to Their Royal Highnesses. A Newspoll has support for the monarchy at an all time high in Australia. I think if the Duke and Duchess come to Australia it will be the nail in the coffin for republicans who have no hope of winning a referendum on this issue now.

  3. They do look good. I would be more excited, but the whole shacking up before the wedding thing is a turd in the punch bowl for me.

  4. There were a few references to Princess Diana in the British broadcasting, but I think most of it was actually directly relevant to what was being shown. Lots of talks about the activities Prince William and Prince Harry get up to and the charities they support, the background of the new Duchess' family, a brief discussion on what the wedding meant for the future of the British monarchy, past royal weddings etc.

    Some naysaying and bitter mutterings from people resentful at how successful the wedding was aside, I say the whole thing was a success. Long life and a happy marriage to their Royal Highnesses!

  5. Long and good lives I wish to the young couple.

    The wedding was inescapable and pleasent to watch on television, and better commentators then me will pass opinions on it. i will say I was highly surprised by the Irish Guards uniform until I learned that the Duke is their colonel. That was a bit of a shock.

  6. Why a shock he is (Honorary) Colonel in the Irish Guard?

    That said, my own well wishes and prayers to the newly Married Couple! It is so Rare these Days to find good and beautiful events in the news, and this one captured everyone’s attention!

    It is also why I am a Monarchist, for what Politician who comes to power by Partisan means could command such affection? Or so define his People? Or so interest us all?

    As to them as people, this event I hope marks the beginning of a long And happy, and eventful, Married life which shall produce for them Great Joy and Beautiful Children!

    God Save the prince, William of Wales, and his new Bride, Lady Katharine, Duchess of Cambridge.

    May God truly Guide them and strengthen them, as in Prince Williams own prayer, given Below.

    “"God our Father, we thank you for our families; for the love that we share and for the joy of our marriage. In the busyness of each day keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love and energy. Strengthened by our union help us to serve and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen."”

    I say, Amen to this.

  7. May they have a blessed life! so happy for them :)

  8. Long and happy marriage to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

    Hi from Argentina.

  9. May they have a long and happy marriage!

    I wasn't going to say anything but I'm afraid I must, can someone please tell Andrea Peyser to come off it. For the second "article" in a row she did some creative reading between the lines to show Will and the rest of the royal family in the worst possible light. Can't you just be happy for them?

  10. Phoenix,
    I like how every comment under that woman's bile-filled article (I had to Google her) is negative.
    She must be getting paid to be so negative. Though I wonder why she sees a problem in the royal family being "white"?

  11. May God bless them and grant them a happy marriage.

  12. Andrea Peyser is a Liberal who currently enjoys the whole Multi-Cultural routine and also liked how America elected a Black man as President. Lets face it; today’s world is somewhat Racist against Whites. She wants to show how "Advanced" we are by having some non-white hold power.

    It makes no sense really, as even in a Republic like America what’s important to some is that the President is Black and this is hugely significant, and if you are critical of said President you are Racist, even if its for policies you criticized others for who were white.

    She is also a republican, or as I sometimes refer to them, Latter-Day Jacobins. Lets face that part too, she hates the Monarchy because of what it is, and so will be hateful toward it.

  13. Personally I'd be surprised if she was a liberal seeing as she works at the NY post which is a conservative paper. I think it has to be Murdoch's doing

  14. I may have confused her with another writer then. I had thought she was someone from the New York Times.

    I retract the above, but only slightly.

    To be honest, Neo-Cons are also Liberals. They are just old Liberals. As John Lukacs said, America had no Truly Conservative Party in the 19th Century, and todays NeoConservatives come from the 1960's here they really were Liberals who rejected Communism.

    So in a way, while I was wrong on who she was ( Which I again Apologise for) I still hold that a lot of the Media that mock Monarchy and who are Ardent Republicans are Neo-Cons, not True Conservatives.


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