Saturday, April 30, 2011

MM Video: Royal Wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge


  1. I would like to petition the Queen to raise the status of Princess Catherine's parents to that of one of peerage of the Realm. This would be very fitting and appropriate to the Dignity of the British Heir to the Throne and any future heir to the throne they will produce. As long as she has the potential to produce another heir to the throne she and the dignity of her future child deserve it. It will mean that the Future King will have married a True Lady.

  2. Three Natures of Love

    Feisty spring beauty retreats in summer
    Firm maple falls in autumn
    Adamant cypress prevails in winter
    Three natures of love
    Ephemeral … deciduous … evergreen

    I hope their love will be as adamant as the cypress in winter.

    Long Live the Crown!!

  3. My favorite moment of the royal wedding was the hymn Ubi caritas:

    God bless!

  4. I sooo wanted to take a look at Elton John's face when the Lord Bishop of London was talking about marriage, as sg that takes place between a man and a woman.. and he was standing there with his boy-toy!! Also, It would've been interesting to know the feelings of the Crown Prince of Bahrain when the Archbishop of Canterbury was talking about Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour... xD


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