Wednesday, April 13, 2011

King Antonio LXXXIX

In San Antonio, Texas "Fiesta" is well underway and the assortment of Fiesta "royalty" are out and about as usual. Probably the most preeminent of them all is the Texas Cavaliers' King Antonio LXXXIX. William Franklin Mitchell was chosen for the throne this year. He will spend Fiesta visiting military bases, schools, special events and handing out charitable donations. The Texas Cavaliers were formed in 1926 to preserve the ideals of the Alamo defenders and to encourage horsemanship in an era when automobiles were quickly taking over. Every year, during Fiesta, they name a new "King Antonio" chosen from among their membership of business and civic leaders (sort of the 'aristocracy' of San Antonio). You can read more and see more pictures about the Texas Cavaliers at their website.

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