Wednesday, April 27, 2011

O'Reilly Update

For those of you who didn't watch, I am very pleased to say that a majority (53% to 47%) considered Bill O'Reilly a pinhead for bashing the British monarchy. I send my personal thanks to all of you who voted, bombastic Bill even promised to be more respectful toward the monarchy "if that's what you want". I am also very pleased that Texas was on the right side of the issue, voting 55% to 45% that O'Reilly's insults of the monarchy were pinheaded.


  1. It is the less that the normal monarchist, like me, can do in defense of the monarchy and british royal family, God Save the Queen!.

    Hi from Argentina.

  2. I did not vote in this poll. I tried for two hours to find it to no avail. It must have been well hidden.

    Still, its nice to see O'Reilly backing down and showing more respect.

    Though I suspected its to ensure he doesn't go the same road Glen Beck did.

  3. It probably annoys Murdoch, O'Reilly's overlord, even more.

    Like Zarove, I couldn't find the poll, but I'm glad enough people did.


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