Saturday, April 2, 2011

MM Video: Monarchs of Poland


  1. I am a monarchist and support monarchies, but as a Pole, I also support the rebellion of the Poles during the Partitions of Poland. In previous posts you mentioned that the Pope urged the Poles to be loyal to the Orthodox Czar. My problem is reconciling these - my Catholic faith (in regard to disobeying the Pope on this matter), my Polish patriotism and my monarchism. It'd be great if you posted on Poland's situation during these times.
    Great Blog!

  2. I'd like to at some point. The important thing is that you don't *need* to reconcile these two anymore. Regardless of what happened in the past, Poland is now independent and if it is in danger, the danger certainly does not come from any foreign monarchies. I think the partitions of Poland were very tragic affairs but, thankfully, that is all behind is. Also, it is important to remember the context in which the Pope opposed their rebellion. It was after Europe had been torn apart by revolution and only recently put back together so he was, naturally, very much on-guard against any sort of rebellion whatever. In different times he might have felt differently.

    Short history of Poland - in 8 minutes.

  4. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is the most Republic like Republic but is a Monarchy of a government very fascinating, just like how the Most Serene Republic of Venice is the Most Monarchy like Monarchy but is a Republic. What do you think of elective monarchies or their "alternate name" Noble Republics?

    Would you say they are perfectly okay if the area has a tradition about them and viewed as legitimate?

    1. I would say they are okay under those circumstances and certainly preferable to a revolutionary-type republic. However, they are still not my ideal and most electoral monarchies were either crippled by in-fighting or were practically electoral in name only.


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