Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sorry for the Delay

Yes, it happened again. Just after getting yesterday morning's post up on my other blog, my internet went out. Once again, the oil company broke the phone line. This time while covering up the pipeline that they were digging when they broke it the first time. After waiting all day yesterday and giving them another tongue-lashing this morning they seem to finally have it fixed once again. The post I had planned to put up yesterday will have to wait until tomorrow. I hate having my schedule thrown out of sorts but, something cannot be helped. At least by me. Some things need the telephone cooperative to be helped. This has also come at a time when your resident mad man has been suffering from worsening health and I am generally out-of-sorts. My usual calm and patience I ever display towards those who annoy me is running extremely thin. Anyway, at least this little pain in the neck seems to have passed. Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading ... The Mad Monarchist


  1. Glad your internet is back. Your posts are missed, even if its just for a day.

  2. I pray for your health to return to you.

  3. Thank you both, I'd like to be more optimistic (but why start now) yet my personal "doctor" has predicted that I am now in my 'home stretch'. If my ailments don't kill me I'm begining to wonder if I shall just starve to death as the number of things I can tolerate is becoming ever smaller. I havn't had a check-up since things got worse (I've gotten sick of doctors, every time I go they find something else wrong so I simply stopped going!) so I'm not sure if there is something new or if all those years of a Mongolian diet of meat and milk are simply catching up with me. At this rate our friend Zarove will have the last laugh as the way things are going I'll end up forced to be a vegetarian (and I don't really tolerate vegies well either). I appreciate any prayers said on my behalf, when it comes down to it, I'll either manage or the world will be rid of me, either way there is bound to be improvement.

  4. Best idea is to stay AWAY from doctors, who
    almost always make things WORSE, not better.

    Often they can't find the real cause of a
    problem and toss out any old diagnosis --
    with all sorts of medicine to
    accompany it. That medication is going to
    cause much MORE trouble down the road,
    and gets stored up as toxins.

    Better would be to drink a lot of Mongolian
    salted tea, in my opinion, as long as the salt
    is healthy, not the Morton denatured type !

    What about reading an old pamphlet by a smart American M.D., JH Tilden, back in the 1920s,
    reprinted 1960 - available on the Internet even.
    It explains SO much about the racket of
    American medicine in the 20th-21st centuries.

    This doctor was such a rarity: he was able to break away from his peers
    and see things with a much more clear eye.

    Hope your problem has improved anyway by now.


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