Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call a Republican a Pinhead

I don't often do this sort of thing (because of past experience) but the poll has been extended for another day and I cannot resist. I urge every monarchist who reads this blog to go to http://www.billoreilly.com/ and scroll down toward the bottom of the page and vote in the "Pinheads & Patriots" poll to tell Bill O'Reilly he is a pinhead for insulting the British Royal Family and the British Monarchy as a whole on the occasion of the upcoming royal wedding. Few do, I don't know why, but do monarchy a favor and go vote, don't underestimate public support for the monarchy. I know more than a thousand people a day visit The Mad Monarchist and if everyone would vote it would certainly make a difference. The stated reason for extending this poll was that it was "very close" which tells me that opinion was slightly against Mr. O'Reilly and he wants to give his minions time to pull his chestnuts out of the fire. So, go vote! Even if you usually like O'Reilly, he is definitely being a pinhead (and just plain rude) on this subject. I don't often ask favors of my readers, but do me a solid and strike a minor blow for the British monarchy and tell O'Reilly he's a pinhead!


  1. Is this the poll about Jerry Seinfeld being the pinhead for his scathing comments about the Wedding? I can't find the one about Bill O'Reilly. The one for Seinfeld already closed:

    Is Jerry Seinfeld a pinhead or a patriot for his assessment of the royal wedding?
    Pinhead 61%
    Patriot 39%

    6960 total votes

    You would be happy to know that Texas voted 60-40 pinhead. Only four states had a majority that voted Patriot: Minnesota (barely), Utah, Arkansas, and Alabama (barely). I don't really see the connection between any of these states.

  2. Can you link me to the poll itself? I can't find it.

  3. No, this was fairly unqiue I think in that it was on O'Reilly himself who voiced his disgust about the monarchy and asked people to vote on him, if he was a pinhead or a patriot for bashing the royals. I didn't see it tonight but assumed that was because I had already voted last night and they block efforts to repeat vote (because you know I tried), but he said on the show tonight that the voting was extended for another day -which makes me think he wasn't faring so well.

    I'm glad Texas was on the right side of that one (even if it was a 'damn Yankee should mind his own business' vote) but as for the others, I can't think of a common thread there either.

  4. I would if I could but, as I've already voted, it won't let me go back, just takes me to other polls or past P&P's.

  5. Eh, it's not up anymore.
    I tend to generally like Mr. O'Reilly, despite his continuous ire at everything. Makes for good television. That is, whenever I have the opportunity to watch him, which isn't often.

  6. No, it's still up. Just voted 'pinhead'.

    Fun but...I can't believe we use the same method to determine who governs...pfff

  7. I couldn't find it and tried for two hours.


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