Thursday, April 21, 2011

San Jacinto Day

As we marked last year, and the year before, today is the 175th anniversary of the battle of San Jacinto in which the Republic of Texas won her independence from Mexico. General Sam Houston won the day, and although I'm not exactly a huge fan of the man, I do give him all due credit for that.

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  1. Texas, is one of the most interesting state of the Union it is a point of meet of Spanish culture and American culture, also has the unique feature of being the only state that was an independent country, excluding the former Kingdom of Hawai, i admire the sense of justice of the texans and how they defend the right to have weapons, it prosperous economy thank to the exportation of oil, it music is one of my favorite kind of music, also seven flags have flamed in texan territory.

    Long live to the Lone Star from Argentina!.


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