Monday, January 10, 2011

Monarchist Music: 1793 - Royalist Marseillaise


  1. As far as I know this one is not the full version. Do you know by any chance where I can get it?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Afraid not, I would have preferred to use the full version (and one without the voice-over) but this was all I could find.

  3. A lot of French things these days, Mad Monarchist. Coincides nicely with my getting my first French Royalist flag (they're surprisingly difficult to find).
    The tune of the Marseillaise is always good, and either version works for me, because while the Republican version is certainly emblematic of the Republic, it isn't necessarily Republican (maybe some of the later verses), so much as nationalistic.

    Although personally I prefer the "Chant du Depart", and I find the Monarchic anthem bit slow for my tastes.

  4. Yes, and as far as the vids go there will be more 'French things' in days to come, though the next might be less popular. A French royalist flag is difficult to find -in France? I find that rather horrible. In Texas you can find them in any flag store, and you can see it waving anywhere the '6 Flags of Texas' are displayed. All for the whopping four years that we were French. And though I recoil in horror at what the Marseillaise stands for, I have to admit it is a rousing and effective anthem.

  5. French flags easily available in Texas, sir?

    That sounds like another good reason to come to Texas -- Neu-Braunfels and Fredricksburg being two other reasons.

    These French flags are particularly expensive to have tailored-made.

    Which one is it? This one (from here)? Or this one (from here)? Or another one?

    I'm sure I'm not the only reader who would appreciate if you would please make a post on the availability of French flags in Texas (if you haven't already) -- and of flags of other fallen monarchies as well.

  6. The one I have is probably the most common, which is the white flag with the field of fleur-de-lis. The second most common is blue with 3 large fleur-de-lis. My usual store is Dixie Flag in San Antonio. Historic Spanish monarchial flags are also easily available, again due to Texas' history under the kingdoms of France and Spain. I cannot remember which, off hand, but at one of the historic Spanish missions in San Antonio there is usually a Cross of Burgundy flag flying and I also often point out that the many flags flying at the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio, representing the various ethnic groups in Texas, includes the yellow dragon flag of the Qing dynasty; making Texas the only place left in the world where the imperial dragon flag still flies representing a modern Chinese community.

  7. Old French flags do have ways of popping up in unexpected places now and again. I came across mine at an army-navy surplus store in Northampton, Mass. I asked the clerk if he had a flag of Québec, and I bought the folded flag he gave me. When I brought it home and unfolded it, it turned out not to be Québec but the blue royal French flag with the three fleurs-de-lys. I've flown it proudly since, and consider it the best serendipitous purchase I've made in my life.


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