Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Islamic Republic Claims Another Victim

Last night it was reported in a number of papers and the cable news outlets that HIH Prince Alireza of Iran, younger son of the late Shah, second in line to the late Peacock Throne, took his own life at his home in Boston. He was 44 years old. An official release from the heir to the throne, HIH Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, said:

“It is with immense grief that we would like to inform our compatriots of the passing away of Prince Alireza Pahlavi.
Like millions of young Iranians, he too was deeply disturbed by all the ills fallen upon his beloved homeland, as well as carrying the burden of losing a father and a sister in his young life.
Although he struggled for years to overcome his sorrow, he finally succumbed, and during the night of the 4th of January 2011, in his Boston residence, took his own life, plunging his family and friends into great sorrow.
Once again, we are joined with mothers, father and relatives of so many victims of these dark times for our country.”

The sister spoken of was the very lovely and soft-hearted Princess Leila of Iran who likewise took her own life in a hotel room in London in 2001 at the age of 31. Prince Alireza studied at Harvard Divinity School, ancient Persian studies, as well as studying at Columbia. His death is another tragedy for an Imperial Family far too familiar with tragedy, their own personal suffering being a mirror of the suffering Iran itself and all of its people have endured since the Islamic Revolution. And there is no doubt in my mind that the republican regime is as guilty for the death of Prince Alireza if the Ayatollah himself had pulled the trigger. What ordinary person today can begin to understand the trauma that the Pahlavi family has endured at the hands of this criminal collection of terrorist fanatics? Torn from their people, chased from their homeland, forced to live in exile, forced to endure the endless vilification of their beloved father the Shah, not only by the republican regime but by its sympathizers and apologists in the west as well.
H.M. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi died in Egypt in 1980, only one year after his overthrow by the revolution in 1979. That was a dark day for Iran and for the world at large, countries next door and on the other side of the world suffering as a result. The people have endured the most but there is no one family that has endured the unique suffering of the late Shah's family and the regime in power today is the author of all of their misfortunes. The Mad Monarchist sends heartfelt sympathy to the family and in particular to Her Majesty Empress Farah who has had the intense pain of out-living two of her own children. May they all come through this to now happiness again, reunited with their countrymen and may Prince Alireza rest in peace.


  1. Certainly a loss to the world and to the monarchist cause, but can you really say that those were the explicit reasons for his suicide? Perhaps he was chronically depressive for a reason or another, and may have committed suicide even if he were Shah.
    Did he leave a note or similar such item explaining his suicide (not that I doubt the Iranian Revolution was much of the cause for his actions, but it would be premature to assume that it was the only and most significant reason)?

  2. I didn't say he blamed them, I said that *I* blame them, for this and for every other tragedy that has befallen Iran and the Pahlavis. I hold them responsible for every single tragedy, difficulty or even minor problem that family has had since they were unjustly overthrown.

  3. He represented hope for Iranians. I think that we need to consider that this might not have been suicide.

  4. That is true, the police are still investigating. They only said it 'appeared' to be suicide and the family seemed aware that he had been suffering emotionally so it all seemed to fit. However, there has been no official cause of death as of yet, and even then I suppose there is always room for speculation. The Islamic Republic has tried to eliminate many exiles opposed to their regime and at times they have succeeded.

  5. A terrible tragedy. R. I. P.

  6. I first read this on France 24's website last night.
    Prayers for the Empress and the imperial family at this difficult time.


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