Sunday, January 16, 2011

MM Video: House Napoleon

When I first put this up I got alot of complaints from Bonapartists about the background music. So let me make this clear: I know Napoleon ended the revolution, I know both Bonapartes banned the song, BUT, I consider Napoleon a 'child' of the revolution and his empire as a result of it, he even said the completion of it. That is why it was chosen.


  1. Vive l'Empereur!
    I am very pleased to see a video of the Emperor and his house. It is true that the song is very evocative of the Revolution, and hence Napoleon. As he said, he "purified the revolution".
    You have to admit, the man had such style. And Napoleon III! What a mustache!

  2. I should mention that they haven't all embraced the Republic, though. While Charles Napoleon, the father of the current heir, Jean-Christophe, has, he was forbidden from being the head of the family for those very reasons. I'm not sure on the Prince's views though, there isn't all that much information about him. Although they get all sorts of special considerations and are addressed as their Majesties.

    Additionally, Napoleon III's reign may not have resonated with military glory, but he did greatly improve France's industrial infrastructure, renovated the city of Paris, reigned over great economic growth and acquired Indochina for the Colonial Empire.

  3. I am well aware of the 'stylish' influence of the Napoleons. In our own war for Independence the Mexican army wore French Napoleonic uniforms (armed with British muskets & rifles) and their general even liked to call himself the "Napoleon of the West". Louis Napoleon III was also a trend-setter and you can look to Civil War-era America, north or south but moreso in the south, and the uniforms all had a very pronounced 2nd Empire style about them.

  4. Glad to see the pictures of Princess Clémentine and her husband!

    Otherwise, I'll have to admit the Bonapartes are not my favorite house. Yet, we must give everyone their due.

  5. Nor are they mine, I only defend them insofar as Napoleon was preferable to the Terror and did bring some order and normalcy. I can also understand, given his many victories, how patriotic Frenchmen can have at least some sort of attachment or nostalgia for the empire. For at least a time it was glorious -which doesn't change the fact that he was not the legitimate monarch.

  6. Does Napoleon Bonaparte have any living (tho thru an illegitimate line) descendants?

  7. Indeed he does, initially through the line of Napoleon III, his nephew, but since the next heir died in combat without heirs, it shifted to Napoleon's other brother.
    Currently the heir is Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoleon. His father, Charles, was not allowed to be family head by the will of his father (he was deemed too republican for the old man's tastes).

  8. Thank you, Aurelien Nicot. I was wondering if Napoleon had any direct (as opposed to collateral) descendants. I realize that his only legitimate child, Napoleon II, died without heir. But did Napoleon have any bastard children - and any descendants thru those bastard children. Did he not have a child by a Polish Princess?

  9. Yes, and by a Frenchwoman as well. In fact, I remember reading something about a man who won a free round of drinks in an English pub named after Napoleon because he proved he was in fact related to him.
    If you want to know about Napoleon's personal life, I greatly recommend you watch the miniseries "Napoleon", from 2002, starring Christian Clavier as the titular character. There's an English dub out there, or subtitles are an option.
    I found it very entertaining and well-made.


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