Friday, January 21, 2011

Favorite Royal Images: Louis XVI

His Most Christian Majesty King Louis XVI of France, martyred on this day in 1793 for his faith and his royal blood; a martyr for the cause of sacred monarchy, Christendom and western civilization. Le Roi est mort. Vive l'Roi!


  1. Vive le Roi.

  2. May the Holy Marty lay forever in the Peace of God, and may his Sainted Spirit watch o’er all his land once Great. May his blood also be not forgotten as a Sod, nor let him remain a victim of an unjust Fate.

    Oh Louis Great Slain King, France has fallen with thee, and let now rise again thy Spirit, to turn the Tide of evil and spite, let thy Holy Faith and Crown be ever remembers, and let that remembrance set Right.

    For every day now man speaks o his Liberty, and Equality is on all men’s minds, but hat Equality has been given but that of the Slave in Subjection? What Liberty is given in a land in which ones own Morals must be given up for rejection?

    The end of France and indeed the world lay at the feet of these Revolutions, and for thy own Sins dear Louis rose the multitude against thee, but their sins cover us all, and thy Blood merged wit the Blood of thy fallen people, and now the Harvest is reaped bitterly, and all happiness drown in the great Revolutionary Sea.

    Let Thy Spirit rest Eternally with God, and let thy Sins be forgiven and past, and let those who Murdered Thee be finally remembered as Murderers and not Heroes, so that they may be removed from the Halls of Valour, and their ideas questioned, and rejected at Last.


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