Monday, January 24, 2011

Monarchist Music: Kongesangen

The royal anthem is the first song. English lyrics:
God bless our gracious king!
Bless him with strength and courage,
bless home and castle!
Guide him with Your Spirit,
tie with Your strong Hand
holy bands of allegiance
around people and sovereign!

The second is the national anthem, which is also one of my favorite anthems, just a beautiful song I think.


  1. As a Norwegian I don't like that the Norwegian royal anthem is sung to
    the tune of "God Save the King", with a very bland text! I'm envious
    of Denmark and Sweden which have really cool, original royal anthems!
    (In the 19th century, during the Swedish-Norwegian Union, Sweden also
    had a royal anthem based on "God Save the King", which probably is why
    Norway ended up with one too. BTW Sweden also has a real cool 18th
    century, boozy royal anthem: "Gustaf's skål", Gustaf (III)'s Toast!)

    For new Norwegian royal anthem, I propose a simplified version of
    Grieg's beautiful tune for Bjørnson's poem "Landkjending", Land-
    sighting, about the Viking King Olav Tryggvason returning to Norway
    after exile:
    Youtube: Landkjending:
    Rock version! :-)


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