Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorite Royal Images: The Anjou Couple

Prince Louis Alphonse and Princess Maria Margarita, Duke and Duchess of Anjou


  1. I wonder how long he can continue the use the title Duc D'Anjou.The Count of Paris awarded the title with the agreement of the King of Spain to Prince Charles of Orlean in Decenber 2004.This act is a complete reversal of tradition. Usually only the Bourbons use the title. I know the King of Spain dislikes this Bourbon claim to France. No member of the Spanish Royal family attended Prince Louis Wedding in protest at his signing the invitations Duc D'Anjou. King Juan Carlos and Prince Louis are second Cousins
    Anyway we can still call him Louis XX

  2. Vive le Roi!
    I persoanlly favor the Legitimist claim, since it's the Legitimist claim. Spanish or not, approved or not, he is still the first in line to the throne of France.

  3. Richtig! Sehr Richtig!

  4. Succession in France has no mysteries or gray areas. It doesn't matter if the next in line is French or not (ladies and gentlemen, do you remember Henry IV?) - the French throne goes from male to male among the descendants of Hughes Capet.
    The Count of Paris might be the closest descendant of Louis Philippe d'Orleans but he is not the closest descendant of Louis XVI... Whether King Juan Carlos and the Count of Paris like the situation or not, is irrelevant.
    By applying strict salic law, that honor belongs to Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, and there is no other logical way to view it.
    As first in legitimate line he should be styled among other things, Duc d'Anjou and Dauphin. If he were ever to be crowned and chose to reign using his baptismal name, he would be known as Louis XX.
    The Orleans branch do not have a legitimate claim to the French throne unless the Duc d'Anjou fails to produce a male heir... and even in that case, I believe there are a few other Spanish Bourbons with male issue who would legally precede the Orleans too.

    1. Not just a few. There are more than 120 living male Capetians.


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