Sunday, January 2, 2011

MM Video: Tragedy of Tibet


  1. China has NO place in Tibet which deserves freedom and sovereignty - not as part of the illicit PRC but as the independent theocratic Buddhist State of Tibet. Communist China is an illegal entity - bring back the Monarchy to China.

  2. Very true, and the rest of the world should show more solidarity on the issue. The many tired historical arguments are, ultimately, meaningless. If Tibet, which has hundreds of years of self-rule behind them, does not wish to be part of China that should be the end of it. However, since so many countries have made themselves the economic slaves of the bandit government in Beijing they will support independence or "genuine autonomy" for others but not for Tibet. It is also partly due to the fact that communism is far from dead and so many other regimes are, openly or secretively, sympathetic to Maoist China.

  3. Although China is communist in nothing but its name. They have in fact abandoned Maoist thinking for an ultra-capitalist approach that would make the most stringent Republicans in the U.S.A. proud.
    Although I've always had mixed feelings about China's involvement in Tibet. I cannot rightfully side with the illegitimate government, but I do understand its power and presence on the global stage, as well as sympathize with the way it functions as an authoritarian state.
    Perhaps I feel that I side with the PRC because I find common cause with it in opposing the political dominance of then U.S.A. and the cultural prevalence of the Modern West. In this way I also sympathize with Iran and Russia, even though I oppose their current regimes. I suppose I side with them culturally if not politically. For although I am proud to be a Westerner, I am greatly concerned about our current mission and direction. And it annoys me so that many people would support Tibetan independence for Tibet solely on the grounds of self-determination and sticking it to authority, as opposed to any cultural/historical reasoning. Let us not forget that self-determination and anti-authority thinking dismantled the great Empires following World War I.

  4. China may not be genuine Marxists anymore (they'd have collapsed if they had) they are far from being ultra-capitalist. Government intrusion in the economy is everywhere, it is still a state-managed economy. The fall of empires because of self-determination also does not blind me to flagrant injustice. If the Nazis had won World War II it does not mean I would have supported the rule their stooges in Denmark, Norway, Holland etc just because "self-determination" brought down Austria-Hungary 20 years earlier.

  5. Well, no, but I'm just saying that the best of intentions may have unintended consequences.

    Well, you are perhaps right in saying they are not the most capitalist nation as far as internal matters are concerned, but they are definitely capitalist when China the nation is the capitalist.

    I would like to re-iterate that I do not support Red China, and long for nothing more than a return to the Imperial system. I was merely expressing my discontent at people who support Tibetan liberation purely for reasons of self-determination or anti-authoritarianism, for their own sakes, and not because of the particularities of this specific struggle.

  6. As long as they oppose the rule of the Chinese communist party over Tibet and support the restoration of the Dalai Lama, I really don't care what their motivations are. Lots of people (in the west, liberals mostly) support the Dalai Lama simply because he's a religious leader who's not a Christian and there are lots of people who support monarchy in general just for the glitz and glamor -not what I would prefer, but in such desperate cases I'll take support where it is found.

  7. It would be useful MM to highlight in an article contemporary Chinese monarchist movements, and to perhaps show web links and how we can support the legitimate restoration of the Qing.

  8. The ilegal chinese goverment is an dictatorship that tortures their own people and there is no democracy.
    China is an economic and military power but the people is dying because an so-called democratic goverment.
    The tibet in NOT a part of china is an country that for hundred of years had been an monarchy and the most peacefull country in the world until mao came and invaded the tibet.
    And with an monarchy shurely could exploit all that potential that it have so restore the Empire of the Great Quing or instaure an new dinasty that claim the holy mandate of heaven.

    Hi from a Mad Monarchist from Argentina

  9. Tibet was a vassal of the Qing Empire but always an independent country in the past. I fail to see why so many cannot grasp that. To say that Tibet is and always has been a part of China would be like saying Scotland is a part of England just because the King of Scotland was once a vassal of the King of England. It is absurd.

    Hola me amigos Argentinios!


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