Saturday, February 5, 2011

Message from the Exiled King of Egypt

(from blog member The Radical Royalist)

In the name of Allah the benevolent and the merciful.

"We Ahmed Fouad II of Egypt, deeply saddened by the tragic events experienced by our beloved country, wish wholeheartedly for a swift solution to the present crisis.

"Our prayers accompany families who have suffered losses of dear ones.

"Our best wishes for a prompt recovery are extended to those who have been injured.

"We hope most sincerely that these unfortunate victims will be truly the last and that there will be no more bloodshed.

"Let us hope that the whole Nation and its people will recover peace and well being and take the path of democracy. Social and economic development can only come through peaceful dialogue.

"May Allah protect my beloved Egypt and the Egyptian people."


  1. Its a shame he is in Excile, and a pity he speaks of the Democracy the Protestos do, not his own Restoration. But I can feel for him as he see's his COuntry fall to peices.

  2. I wonder what reaction would there be if he were to return to Egypt during this crisis? Or perhaps a new government would allow him to?

  3. In my opinion, the current Egyptian “revolution” is doomed to fail. There will be no changes in the system of form of government.
    The most likely scenario is a “reform” where the party elites including the mubaraks will no longer involved in the Egyptian politic openly.

    Chain of reasoning:
    1.Early February , obama clearly wanted mubarak to resign in the name of democracy; very typical democrat of him
    2.At the same time, saudi’s king and other arab’s royals vows support for mubarak’s regime. Apparently they worry that the domino effect will reach their own realms.
    3.Current development: USA signaled approval toward the reform plan suggested by mubarak’s regime. The plan requires the resignation of key members of the party, including mubarak’s own son. Mubarak will stay on power until the expiration of his current term.
    4.the last news update I hear from aljazeera international, the economy already start to roll again in major cities in Egypt.

    Conclusion: oil rules!!!; either a republican or a democrat both a nothing more than a loyal “servant” to the corporatocracy that infesting the capitalist western democracies of today.


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