Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mad Motivation


  1. Really? That's not right. I like your blog, usually, but that was just mean spirited and had nothing to do with monarchy, just with your disapproval of Democrats (big D) and the democratic and/or republican (little d, little r) processes that work here.

  2. I don't believe for a minute you have been reading this blog for any length of time if any slap at any politicians surprises you. In just the last few pictures like this one I've taken a slap at (Republican) George W. Bush and British PM's of both the Labour and Conservative Parties. And if you think *that* is me being a big mean meanie you really havn't seen much "usually". Rest assured I've done stuff waaay more out of line than that. If you have any problem with any politician from any country being mocked, ridiculed or insulted just stop reading right now. For the sake of your own very fragile sensitivities.

  3. Agreed, Mad Monarchist. I mean, Clinton is the world's most prominent female politician. She'll be the first to come under your fire, and rightly so.


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