Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mad Motivation


  1. Style goes a long way with me, and out of all monarchs, past and present, the Popes have the most.

  2. They do, though today pales in comparison to how things were done in for instance the Papal Rome in the Renaissance. THAT was some spectacular stuff with cardinals in their big red hats & tassels riding white donkeys, the Pope carried under a big canopy with the Byzantine fans and the Swiss Guards, wearing the Papal Crown, the old style vestments, the gloves and all of that with the processions to the Lateran and then the Vatican and all of that. The coronation lasted something like four hours with everything as it was done back then. It was magnificent. If people today could see the way things were done back then they would feel very cheated by the pomp & ceremony of today.

  3. It is unfortunate that many of the old Papal rituals have an additional barrier to being performed, since Paul VI basically abolished the Papal court.

    Even a proper Papal mass in the EF cannot be said because it requires the attendance of certain nobles and office holders whose positions have been abrogated. And, as you've blogged before MM, it is impossible to restore such rituals and positions without being considered arrogant (a frightening position to be in, apparently).

    P.S.- Long time reader, first time commenter :).

  4. Very true, and while I will speak no ill of Pope Paul VI that was a decision I greatly regret being taken. Of course the grand old style would also not be possible for other reasons (such as the Quirinale being occupied by presidential trash at the moment) but I greatly commend Benedict XVI for moving things of this sort back in a more traditional direction even at the sometimes frustrating slow pace of the Vatican.

    And thanks for reading and finally speaking up, I particularly welcome all comments that are in accord with my own sentiments ;-)


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