Monday, August 23, 2010

Website of Would-Be Khan

Here at the southern compound, keeping an eye on my lovely little neices, I came across a website (of which I was previously unaware) for the Ninth Jetsun Dhampa or Bogd Gegen, spiritual heir of the last Emperor of Mongolia. Jetsundhampa


  1. A fascinating site. Let us hope and Pray that one day he will set established upon his rightful Throne.

  2. Indeed. It seems rather unlikely in his lifetime and most reports say he has little support in the political sphere but some have expressed the wish for him to at least be given the role of a constitutional monarch. I think the fear shown by the Mongolian government when he visited the country for his formal installation by the Dalai Lama says more than the news reports about the level of popular support he has in Mongolia.


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