Friday, August 27, 2010

Ferdinand the Brave Bull

My latest addition. This poor little guy of mine was found after two weeks of being unable to feed from his mother. After bringing him home to bottle feed I did not at first think he would pull through. Thankfully, he has improved quite a bit and is eating well. He's also the most tame calf I have ever seen. Before I put him in the pen he was following me around everywhere like a puppy -even tried to come in the house. This picture was taken yesterday right after his breakfast.


  1. A nice pic and Bull, indeed. I hopehe does well in life. Do Bullsbecome feirce when older, though? I will confess to not knowing a good deal about them.

  2. He will look better once he fills out, he's still recovering from malnourishment. All bulls, if allowed to, become somewhat fierce after they mature. However, bottle babies like this one usually remain pretty tame. I had a big black bull named Oscar long ago who was extremely aggressive with other bulls but he had been a bottle baby and was always tame as a kitten with people, he would eat out of your hand and you could ride him around the other cattle like a horse.


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