Saturday, August 7, 2010

Royal News Roundup

Good news and bad for the royals of Africa. Starting with the good news this last weekend HM King Mohammad VI of Morocco celebrated his eleven year anniversary as sovereign of the North African kingdom. He addressed the nation to talk about extending democracy and helping the poor and downtrodden. Some prisoners were pardoned, as is customary, there were meetings with foreign and domestic dignitaries and a great deal of fanfare and celebrations. However, things were far from happy far to the south in the Kingdom of Swaziland where it was made known that the twelfth wife of HM King Mswati III was having an affair the justice minister, a friend of the king’s and also a married man. The King has been away in Taiwan but his wayward wife has been placed under house arrest and the Queen Mother has sent a delegation to village of the justice minister to formally charge him with “trespassing into another man’s home”. Swaziland is an absolute monarchy and the King has often been criticized by democracy & human rights groups.

In Scandinavia Swedish Prince Carl Philip has caused some heads to turn due to his current girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist; a model and TV personality. The Royal Family never acknowledged the relationship but now has effectively done so after going to court to block the publication of nude photos of the girl. They have been dating since the start of this year and it has been reported that the girl has met the King and Queen. Some Swedes are supportive while others worry this will damage the image of the monarchy which has been declining in popularity despite the recent wedding of Crown Princess Victoria (which the media rather botched) who is still away enjoying the final days of her honeymoon. Of course, blocking these photos will not erase all the other risqué images floating around the tabloids and internet already and the TV appearances of this woman. I can understand the RF wanting to avoid embarrassment but at the end of the day Hellqvist is who she is and Prince Carl Philip is going to have to endure the consequences if he chooses to have a relationship with anyone with such a past.

Some very happy news for the Royal Family of Denmark. HRH Crown Princess Mary was recently included in the international “best dressed” list of Vanity Fair magazine, something few would care to dispute I would think. If she seemed especially glowing and beautiful in recent days we also now know why. On Friday the palace announced that the Crown Prince and Princess are expecting another addition to their family and this time it is twins! Crown Prince Frederick has reportedly been positively ecstatic over the news and bursting with pride. The Mad Monarchist sends the Crown Prince and Princess heartfelt congratulations on this joyful news!

Some sad news for monarchists in southern Europe as Prince Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma, is reportedly in the hospital in Barcelona in very grave condition. One of the claimants to the Carlist legacy (his brother Prince Sixte-Henri is another claimant), he recently issued a statement to his followers stating the seriousness of his condition and that his life was in God’s hands. His son and heir, Prince Carlos Xavier of Bourbon-Parma is about to be married (religiously) in Brussels and that event may have to be postponed.

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