Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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  1. Regrettably True. Of course today we will get peace in the middle eats by the spread of Democracy...(Snicker)

  2. could you please make a posting on the current head of the Austrian Royal family and perhaps also the new japanese prince who ended the succession crisis. I have a hope for the new generation of more serious royals to inherit the remaining thrones in the coming two decades or so. It would be great for them to ascend to the throne without the angst of being an "obsolete royal" as some of their predecessors if not before them where too consciously aware of being (and acting follows one's character which in the case of some of the current or immediate generation seems to be weakened).

  3. I will add that to my 'idea list' though I assume you mean the son of the head of the Austrian House of Hapsburg as the head of that family is Archduke Otto who is in his 90's and has passed most of his responsibilities to his son.

  4. To Zarove - I wonder if "W" ever privately realized what a goof that was when basically terrorists were elected after his 'introduction of democracy'? But yes, it is the neo-con battlecry, we will bring you freedom whether you like it or not!

  5. Actually Bush and Obama both agree on Democratic Peace Theory, and Bush is still adamant hat over time as the Institutions stabilise, Mutual respect and tolerance will grow as a natural result of the Democratic Culture. People will slowly realise others have rights and begin to weight in what is the best for the world.

    Never mind that this isn’t even True in the USA, Europe, or South America, it is the belief, and one thing I know about this is that the intellectual model is far too important tot hem, as it makes sense to them, than an analysis of Reality. They would prefer to try to force it to be True by continued intervention, rather than admit that Democratic Peace Theory is deeply flawed, much less wrong, because its how they understand literally all of Human Nature.

  6. Who is in the picture? I know next to nothing about the Imperial House of Osman. Looks like Obi Wan Kenobi has been elevated to the throne.

    Hmmm...that would make a good film. Possibly I need more tequila.

    Hey MM, if you've a mind to, e-mail me sometime (address is on my own blog page). I'm in TX, would love to talk books.

  7. That is Sultan Mehmed V, covered here in a previous monarch profile.

  8. Yippee for the Ottomans!

    They should be brought back to be the Caliphs again, thus unifying Sunnis behind them.

    There is not any threat to the West from this, as Turks are moderate and practical by temperament.

    They have 600 years of experience in ruling behind them. Few other nations or peoples still around today can say that. Look at the US, a poor ruler of any nation besides itself after only 235 years. Maybe not so great at home either!

    Having Ottoman monarchs to rally around would help get the East out of its doldrums, however.

  9. Of course many in the west just see Muslims and do not know or care to know the differences between Arabs, Turks, Persians and so on, to say nothing of the religious factions. However, and I would agree with you about the Ottomans for the most part there, this is one thing that rather annoys me about Arabs attacking (in word or deed) "the west" and wishing for a pan-Islamic empire and caliphate.

    I cannot help but think, 'well, you had one, it was called the Ottoman Empire and the Caliph was the Sultan but you, of your own free will, chose to join with the British and French in tearing down the Ottoman Empire'. So it is a bit rich for those who contributed to the fall of the Ottomans to pine for the sort of state they once presided over.

  10. I agree with the words of the image since the fall of the ottoman empire in the middle east had been a lot of wars and chaos and the first cause of this is that there is no ottoman empire and no chaliphate if the ottoman empire is restored the midle east would be a more stable zone because an caliph is need to bring the muslim cohesion as religon.
    For example you believe that osama bin laden could convince the muslism of the sunni branch to atack west if there is an caliph that suport peace and friendship with the west?
    Hi from suporter of the rebirth of the ottoman empire in Argentina


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