Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Royals at Eternal Rest


  1. I must say, Mad Monarchist, you do have the way of making these very eerie. Prince Louis of Monaco up there seems... restrained. Any reason why?

    Also, I was amused to hear about the lunatic stalking you... I would have said it earlier, but what with the holidays and all... I hope you manage to resolve that situation in a manner beneficial to you.

  2. The one of Louis II may be the most eerie I have (for lack of a better word). The look on his face and the wrap on his head I think does it, he also appears a bit swollen to me. The last pictures I've seen of him living he looked alot thinner than he had usually been.

    As for the charlatan stalker, I do find it amusing that with all of his antics anyone takes him seriously -of course the media these days his hungry for any sort of scandal, real or imagined and they don't seem to care much about their sources. Anyway, I doubt there will be a final resolution of it on my part -unless the Prince gets fed up and does the job.


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