Monday, December 6, 2010

Monarchist Music: Hymne National Monégasque


  1. Red an White (and blue) may very well be the most overused flag colors in history!
    The Monegasque flag is identical to the Malaysian one, I believe (or rather it is the other way around), which is just a reversal of the Polish flag.

    Overall, it is a cheerful anthem, and those military folks have funnily colored hats.

  2. I would say red-white-blue more than red & white but if it is overused it is no fault of Monaco which has had the colors for over 700 years. The colors are from the Grimaldi coat of arms. Austria, Russia and the German states used to have flags based on the same principle. The r/w/b overuse mostly comes from the French Revolution, the American Revolution and the pan-Slav colors. The Monegasque flag is nothing like the Malaysian flag (which is more like an Islamic version of the US flag) but you certainly meant the Indonesian flag which is also red-white.

    I think the Princely Rifles look very smart though I have to say I liked it better when they wore red & white uniforms rather than adding the blue.

  3. Oh yes, no doubt Monaco has had these colors for a long time, I was just pointing out how funny it is. Also, I am embarrassed at my mistake, I did indeed mean Indonesia. I can never get South-East Asia straight. Europe and North America no problem (considering North America is three countries), but outside that, it's more difficult to identify nations in their correct location.

    Well, about the Princely Rifles, they're hats have this weird sort of blending going on, It didn't look as formal as it could.

    Speaking of Monaco, I heard a tale about how the Grimaldis were originally just pirates who captured the city, and made it their own Principality. Is this story true?

  4. It is an interesting language and not widely known. I was looking for the anthem sung aloud and was surprised to find it in Monegasque rather than French.

    Having some connection to SE Asia myself that area was never a problem for me. In my geography lessons Africa was always the most difficult, probably because my first subject has always been history and Africa has had so many border and name changes over the years.

    The helmets are blue (white in summer like the rest of the uniform) but when this is topped with red-white plumes for formal occasions it has the look of a tricolor on their heads.

    You can get the whole story on Monaco at my 'sister' blog. Suffice it to say the Grimaldis were never pirates. They took Monaco during the Guelph-Ghibelline struggle in Genoa. The country was, at one time, a haven for prirates but that was when Genoa had taken Monaco back and the area was pretty much lawless. Where I think the real origin of the pirate story comes from is not that but rather the campaigns in which the Grimaldis fought in the employ of France, raiding the English coast, sacking a number of cities and overrunning some of the Channel islands. I tend to think these battles, more than anything else, is why English-language histories especially tend to describe the Grimaldis as pirates. So, to the English Seigneur Rainier I was a pirate, on the continent he was a Grand Admiral of France. All a matter of perspective.

  5. Speaking about Indonesia : You dont have a though abut the Monarchical situation in Yogyakarta Provinces nowadays???

  6. Afraid not. I've never been able to stay reliably informed enough on that subject. My past efforts to look into monarchism in that region were mostly met by conflicting claims, phony pretenders and family feuds. Not knowing enough about it to sift through the mess I've let most of it pass me by.

  7. N'amu qu'üna tradiciun, n'amu qu'üna religiun* - not sung, only played, wonder why?

    *=n'abbiamo che una tradizione, n'abbiamo che una religione or (nous) n'avons qu'une tradicion, (nous) n'avons qu'une religion, as is obvious from elementary comparison to neighbouring languages


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