Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monarchist Music: Kungssången

Ur svenska hjärtans djup en gång
en samfälld och en enkel sång,
som går till kungen fram!
Var honom trofast och hans ätt,
gör kronan på hans hjässa lätt,
och all din tro till honom sätt,
du folk av frejdad stam!
From the depth of Swedish hearts,
a joint and a simple song,
which reaches forth to the King!
Be faithful to Him and his House,
make the Crown light upon his Head,
and all your faith in Him invest,
thou, people of high renown.


  1. What a beautiful palace interior--but from the pictures I've seen, Nordic manor houses/palaces in general tend to be very pretty, with something light and airy about them. Mannerheim's birthplace, Louhisaari, is a particularly fine example.

  2. I've always wondered if that was an intentional reaction to the rather cold, dark climate of the far north. For someone like me it's hard to fathom how people can live in such cold places -I'd take the steamy tropics or a burning desert any ol' time.


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