Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mad Rant: Fighting Fat Kids

Traditionally, the First Ladies of the United States have been far more popular than their husbands, mostly because they tend to stay out of politics and focus mostly on humanitarian causes that everyone can get behind. Not unlike most constitutional monarchs today for that matter. Michelle Obama has caused a little more controversy, even since the campaign of her husband, and her primary pet project is one that really gets under my skin. That is, her declaration of war against fat children. I will state from the outset that, once I lost all my baby fat at least, I have been skinny as a rail my whole life and never very sympathetic toward the overweight. You control what you eat and how much and the amount of physical activity you do. So, being overweight is something, justly or not, I’ve always seen as an issue of self-discipline more than anything else.

However, Michelle Obama’s campaign against “childhood obesity” really gets on my nerves. For one thing, I do not see it as a non-political issue for her. One of the biggest goals of her husband has been socialized healthcare and that makes the personal choices of everyone the business of everyone else and the government as well. I totally reject the idea that it is any damn business of the government or anyone else how much or how little I eat or what my dietary choices are. And with all of the celebrity worship and emphasis on physical perfection these days, do not the fat kids have it hard enough already? I’m sure they get teased and bullied and called names for their size and that is probably more than enough motivation to change if motivation is the issue. If a person is overweight that is their business and not the government’s. If a child is overweight it is the business of their parents, again, NOT the government.

More than that though, the amount of attention, laws and government regulations regarding this issue really infuriates me. They are banning salt, taxing fatty foods, getting rid of soda pop and so on because it is a ‘national crisis’ that so many children are overweight. Well, call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first) but how about we all thank God for fat children?! How about we thank God Almighty that are children have too much to eat rather than not enough? What must the children, and adults, of third world countries struggling to survive think when they see the people of America crying and moaning and claiming a national emergency because our population is so well off that we have chubby kids? This blows my damaged mind! Having too much food, too many people living too well, too many people having more than enough -IS A PROBLEM?! I must have moved to CrazyTown and Michelle Obama is the mayor. We do not need laws we just need responsible parenting and that is something no government program can provide. If you think fat children are a problem go visit Chad, the Congo, Burundi or Ethiopia or any of the other countries were children are dropping dead every five seconds from hunger and perhaps reevaluate you perspective. I absolutely despise celebrities who act like fame is such a burden or super-rich people who complain that wealth is such a burden and when I hear people fortunate to live in a land of plenty demanding government action because our children have plenty to eat, it makes me a very, very … Mad Monarchist.


  1. It gets worse, this is also connected to Global Climate CHange somehow...

  2. I'll certainly testify to the discipline of exercise (getting a six pack when you're 22 isn't easy. And it gets harder as you get older). But it's also something of a matter of faith. I have faith that it makes me feel better (strenuous exercise releases the same chemicals as after sex, or so I heard), and contributes to my health in a small way.

    But that discipline is never really encouraged. Kids give up when they don't see immediate results. Me? I've been at this for over 18 months. I've seen my weight drop from about 90kg to 82kg (and I've put on plenty of muscle too). I've dropped a pant size. But all of that is only because I stuck at it.

    Combined with an abdication of parental responsibility, due to liability, time pressures and governments restricting the parents' ability to discipline their children (you can't smack a kid here in New South Wales. At least, not in public), and you have a generation of children that have been spoilt rotten with everything they wanted. Now, those tubby chumps get to reap what they sow, and they're looking to pass on the blame.

    The fact is that we may have more food, but it's awful food. How many American kids eat home made meals? It's not the overwhelming majority it ought to be. The same is happening here.

    But attempting to control food consumption via regulation is bone-headed too (they're called sugar nazis for a reason, you know. Hitler ate sugar). It replaces one mess with another.

    We're awash with food, you're absolutely right. And we throw so much of it away. Supermarkets reject fruit and vegetables that don't look appealing; how many kids don't eat fruit anyway (not sweet enough for you?); restaurants throwing out food that's just not been eaten because the kids didn't want it (and they still got desert!).

    It's the abdication of parenting, and a society that consumes and throws away that is the root of this problem. And you've got to be pretty genre savvy to see through all the gimmicks they try to haul you in on (especially things that expire with the warranty).

    I guess people never realised that true class is timeless.

  3. I've seen old ads that said along the lines that a chubby child is a healthy one.
    In high school I usually bought food from home and still do for work. I do enjoy dining out.

  4. I agree; save for the fact of the sin of gluttony. But it irks me endlessly to see the government enact laws regulating ingredients that may be simply unhealthy and not harmful; e.g. transfats vs arsenic.

  5. Kids in America eat too much garbage, but then so do their parents.
    Government isn't the cure for either.
    Grab a healthy home cooked meal, and play outside like we used to 30 years ago!


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