Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Emperor Max

It was today in 1832 that HIRH Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph von Hapsburg-Lorraine was born in Vienna, Austria who would of course go on to be Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico. There has never been another leader like him since and I will leave it to the honest observers to look at the current state of Mexico and determine whether or not such has been to their ultimate benefit or not. Viva el Gran Emperador!


  1. Bon anniversaire! It is so sad what happened to him and more sad what happened to Mexico without him. It does not seem the current heir to the throne wants anything to do with Mexico. How about this idea: if the Mexicans want to try again and start over, how about Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este for Emperor of Mexico? Like Maximilian he is a Hapsburg with Italian connections, married to a beautiful Belgian princess but he has a little more financial know-how and has children to succeed him. How about that for an idea?

  2. That's definitely a new spin on an old trick. I doubt the Archduke would want the job any more than Count Maximilian II does. However, I'm not buying for a moment that this idea stems purely from your thinking Prince Lorenz would make a good Emperor of Mexico -you just want Princess Astrid to be Empress, you're not fooling me! But, to be serious for a moment, no it would never happen but I'm sure they could do a better job than the current crop of politicians. Not exactly a high bar to pass there...


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