Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New, Rare Addition to the Blogosphere

I'm sure everyone knows how unkind history has been to the noble island nation of Ireland and as monarchy has been mostly associated with Britain and republicanism with independence, patriotic Irish monarchists are about as rare as watering holes in the Gobi desert. However, there is a new blog devoted to just such a notion at Irish Monarchist which will you will also find on the blogroll and of which your correspondent of questionable sanity is the first follower. I hope all goes well for this new addition and I would encourage all monarchists to visit and show this young man some support for striking out on a path so out of the ordinary for his time and place. Even British monarchists *should* be supportive, both out of solidarity to the monarchist cause and because Irish independence is a fact, the past cannot be changed and surely they would rather have their closest neighbor be a monarchy rather than a republic. Real Irish monarchism is a rarity these days so please show your support and let us hope all goes well.
Erin Go Bragh!


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've just become a follower!

  2. Good of you to draw our attention to the new blogger.

  3. I must say to see you have devoted a post to heighten awareness of my existence is both a surprising and welcome one. My thanks.

  4. Hi, i have been fasinated by monarchies from many years and advocate constitutional monarchy as a prime example of how goverments can be run,

    I honestly feel that had a modern German constitutional monarchy evolved after ww1 Hitlers rise to power would never have occured


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