Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mad Rant: Checking In On Totalitarian Politics

This is The Mad Monarchist, coming to you from the northern command via the laptop of my right-hand man "Teapot". Not having access to my own archives I cannot post in the usual fashion, on items on the agenda, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say a bit about totalitarian politics though I do not mean the sort of totalitarianism that first springs to mind for most people. No, I am not talking about dictators, tyrants or absolute monarchs (who are seldom if ever as "absolute" as their republican counter-parts). No, I am speaking of the sort of totalitarian politics that seeks to establish a code to cover all possibilities; effectively or rather ineffectively taking the human out of politics altogether. The sort of totalitarianism I am speaking of is that which can be seen in things like the League of Nations, the European Union or the United Nations. It is no coincidence that they share many deep, core values with the godless Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union or Chairman Mao's army of blue ants.

We can also see foreshadows of this thinking in that most infamous of events the French Revolution. However, it is perhaps better for our purposes here to start with the League of Nations. The stated goal of the League of Nations was quite a benevolent sounding one -to prevent another bloodbath such as had recently been seen in the First World War. They thought that by establishing a sort of toothless one-world-government that they could prevent World War II from ever coming about. Obviously, they failed entirely but that did not stop these same political totalitarians from trying again after World War II with the United Nations. That, of course, did nothing to prevent the numerous conflicts of the Cold War or any of the other independent conflicts that have raged ever since. Their essential mistake, or at least one of them, was to think that by coming up with a sufficiently intricate code for everyone to follow that they could eliminate human error from the government of nations. There's one born every minute don't they say...

The problem with the outbreak of World War I was not the lack of an international code. The problem was government ministers making bad decisions. The problem with the outbreak of World War II was not the failure of the League of Nations (though it did fail miserably) it was government ministers making bad decisions. The outbreak of the Cold War was not because of the lack of a perfect organization with the perfect code it was the result of people making decisions. Just like the satanic communist revolutionaries and just like all of the efforts around the world to grant the government control over industries and more and more of our lives these people on the international level continue to think that if they can just get everything under the control of some group of politicians everything will be fine - despite all evidence to the contrary.

One reason why this agenda is pushed is because of political leaders who have gained so much power and so much prestige that they adopt the CYA policy and endeavor to lessen their own responsibility by abdicating as much as possible to an ever higher and wider group of political flunkies. Dispersal of responsibility -it is the same reason why a person is less likely to do the difficult but right thing the larger the group is of which he is a part. No one wants to stand out, no one wants to be blamed and no one wants to rock the boat. It's security in numbers. The part that pinches, however, is that none of this can ever be a cure-all for people making bad decisions. The only thing that can help that is people knowing right from wrong and making the right decision. No code will ever be perfect enough or complete enough to take away all hard, moral decisions, nor will one ever be found to compensate for one guy with a silver tongue and a wicked agenda.

The late, great Czar Nicholas II of Russia was pressured some time before the end of the Romanov dynasty to abdicate or at least abolish the autocracy and share power with the Duma. Nicholas II would have liked nothing better, but he felt that as much as he would prefer to be a private citizen, he was responsible to God for the government of Russia and that while he could abdicate that power to others he could never abdicate the responsibility and so felt he had no choice but to continue to rule and do his best as he saw fit. Nicholas II answered to God. Who do you think the political stuff-shirts at the UN or EU think they answer to? From what I can tell they answer to no sovereign, nor to the people nor to God so who is left? As this plague of political totalitarianism continues to spread, ask yourself for whom is the benefit? From what I can tell this quest for the most perfect and totalitarian governing system is not leading us down a benevolent path. I may be wrong and I may be paranoid but I am, in any event, The Mad Monarchist.

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